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Over many years, the past employee's, passengers and friends of Antilles Air Boats have told stories and have shared photos of that special time in history.

We hope that this website will give everyone an opportunity to continue to share their stories, photos and comments.

We will share our collection of specific material on aircraft Antilles Air Boats used over the years as well as the many professionals that assisted its passengers to get from island to island. 

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 February 14, 2021


Recently found these 2 slides on Ebay. N95467 arriving at Pan Am Pavilion ramp in Christiansted, St. Croix in 1967. (slide #17) The other taken by a passenger looking forward on approach to St. Thomas. (slide #29) Have not identified the pilot as yet, Any thoughts?  Always nice to come across new photos. 

The early years...


Thought I would share a piece of art from Mike Williams' collection

Click on the above AAB print to access his website for more info.

ron mak aab pic2.jpg
ron mak aab pic1.jpg

New entries from Ron Mak

photos posted with permission

STX - mechanic, Hugh O'Donnell  

photo by Charlie Freehling 





The N7777V & N8777A photos credit Frank Strnad  / Don Dawson Collection were posted to the Grumman G-21 Goose and Derivatives   Facebook Group (private)

Charlie Freehling sent new material!

Capt. Jack Lincoln presents a wooden Goose to Ralph Prince, St. John  - AAB baggage & transport provider.
Goose prepares for departure with Capt. Don Schell along with Mary Simpson, Kiki and other AAB employees

     New Photos

Goose - N74676 flies over the Blair residence.

"Southern Cross"   in

Ireland - 1976

2 quick videos of the summer trip in 1976

safe_image (1).jpg

A page in the aviation scrapbook of

by Jim Heltsley

Cypress Village - Jacksonville, Florida

A Marijane Sipple  Presentation


"Every month they have a program where a resident tells about a special time or experience they had."  ...

The above video is Marijane's PowerPoint Presentation without narration with music added.

Charlie Freehling recently sent on 18 of Fritz Henle's  2.25" square format color transparencies of Antilles Air Boats' Gooses at various location within their scheduled routes. The slides are nearly 50 years old and today's conversion would not meet Fritz's standard for reproduction.

His eye and lens were always ready to capture a special moment. 

Check out the gallery of Henle slides below.

Click to see all the photos and info

Special photos that include Charlie Blair and passengers with staff rowing to the Goose at Weat End, Tortola, BVI. The Goose at Drakes' Anchorage with a Duck nearby. Cruz Bay, St. John and San Juan, Puerto Rico and more.

< The night shift dresses the propellers. A Goose comes in with structural damage.

> Victor Pinhiero 

Maintenance Supervisor in St. Thomas maintenance shop

  • Flight Schedules

  • New Photos

  • Frakes Aviation - Turbo Conversion

  • and more...

Virgin Island Daily News - April 9, 1965   The early years of AAB. The photo won't allow you to make out the tail number but it is probably N95467 or N40R. Thanks to Anthony Gagliani for his research and support.



    February 21, 2020

1979- The new, long awaited, St. Thomas terminal is operational. Photo by Charles Freehling


Hugh O'Donnell & Eric Crossfield - G-73 Mallard N1208

photo by Charlie Freehling 

Reviewing photos for proper credit
as well as establish additional links

Great old footage of Antilles Air Boats first ramp in Christiansted, St. Croix - considered the worlds smallest airport.. 


About a year ago, Ben Dunnell, editor of Aeroplane magazine, came upon the AAB website and contacted me about doing a story. The April 2020 edition includes the 6 page article about my arrival and a review of the special people and aircraft at Antilles Air Boats. The AAB story joins other articles about 'The Flying Boat Glory Days"

Towards the bottom of this page you will find another article from Aeroplane about AAB from 45 years ago. Aeroplane has been publishing articles about classic airplanes since 1911 

AEROPLANE Monthly - April 2020

 Consoldated Catalina PBY-5A 

As of December 20th, over 85,000 pages visited








St. Thomas - Yacht Haven Grande

leaseofthe360degreebuilding - Copy.jpg

Island Global Yachting -IGY Marina management was in touch recently to discuss their plans to include Antilles Air Boats history in their new development in St. Thomas. With today's cost of a Grumman Goose being totally out of the budget they are producing a slightly reduced version to assist in telling the AAB story.  

More on this exciting news coming soon!


Maureen and some of the FitzSimon Family

New photos by  Charlie Freehling

< Julie Rasmussen (Sales & Marketing) & Bonnie Austin (Maintenance Supervisor) in STX.

The St. Thomas terminal 1969

4 Gooses return to the Christiansted, St. Croix seaplane ramp

AEROPLANE Magazine - Aug. 2020

New photo by  Chris Hanley
G21 018.jpg

Goose arrival in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

photos by Charlie Freehling

G21 024.jpg

N79901 restoration

New photos by Steve Bell
click on photos for another view and info

Glenn Arveson sent a few new ads and timetables.

20200704_104939 - Copy.jpg
New photos by Glenn Arveson
The Goose Grill
37 photos

The website continues to grow to over 200 pages with over 1000 photos and over 100 documents/articles. Each week I will try to post updates to indicate new additions to help navigate the site.

There is still many areas that need to be completed and I appreciate your patience .

  Thank you to everyone that have visited as well as contributed. The site has had 17,300 individuals visiting from around the world with over 86,000 page visits since we started in March 2017. The visitor rate is increasing every week. 

Trying to develop more pages on past employees. Many of the pages are incomplete but hope over time I will have more information. I also hope to make contact with individuals to expand on those that worked at AAB or AII. The AAB story is not complete without talking about the people. How did they get there and where did they go after.

more to come...

The Sandringhams - Sydney to U.S.V.I.

5-29-2017 21-2-21_063.jpg
Sandringhams -
fuel and crew rest in Hawaii
top - Southern Cross in Pearl Harbor left - Excalibur VIII in Keehi Lagoon, Honolulu
Great Articles on the Sandringhams being relocated to the Virgin Islands and beyond.
Airline Quarterly Summer 1978.jpg
Aeroplane Monthly Mar1975 pt1.jpg
aeroplane monthly Apr1975.jpg
Aircraft Annual 76 - Pacific Passage.jpg
courtesy of Jim Flanagan
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Some recent acquired AAB Photos                           

scanned and posted and will distribute to various pages


AAB's first Goose...


Check out the other 22 Gooses that served at Antilles Air Boats over the 16 years. Where did they come from and where are they today.

A viewer favorite...

New additions...photos, info and more

mallard cover.jpg

Chapter 9 - The Caribbean Shuttle

Delani has continue to send photos and articles.
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New Site Search

With the number of pages growing each week, with many aircraft as well as those that worked for AAB, I thought we were ready to have the ability to search the site. Hope this makes it easier to navigate the site.

Got photos?  Please send!

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Editors Note:

Still busy with Oke'e Aviation project and other events.

Will continue to post as time allows.

Thank you for your continued interest!

"Just the facts ma'am" - Sgt. Joe Friday
Antilles Grumman Goose - 112.jpg
n703 3.png
More photos by Charles Freehling
stt 703.jpg

More photos added!

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