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Accident  -  September 2,1978
S/N  B-111
V.I. Daily News- Sept. 5, 1978 

The accident of N7777V and the death of Charles F. Blair Jr. and 3 additional passengers  was the beginning of the end of Antilles Air Boats. As you read through the news articles, NTSB Report and additional comments you hear about the many deficiencies that existed at AAB.

Capt. Blair's reasons for starting Antilles Air Boats was to offer a needed service to the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands. He knew it was getting more difficult to operate AAB so he began talks with possible investors or buyers so the service could have a chance to continue for years to come. Those deficiencies caught up with him before better days could be recognized.

Charles F. Blair Jr. was an incredible aviator and his untimely death effected many people. Comments made regarding his management style is in no way meaning to disparage his character but to show how decisions can ultimately cause catastrophic results.

"In almost every accident analysis, there is a chain of events that can be followed all the way up to the accident.

It is never just one thing, but a combination of bad choices that ultimately lead to the final event"

photo credit Elliot Epstein
AW&ST AAB 77V.jpg
 AW & ST - July 30, 1979 
"Hearing Probes AAB Maintenance Records"  
V.I. Daily News- Nov. 8, 1978
Charles F. Blair Jr.
V.I. Daily News- Nov. 10, 1978
V.I. Daily News- Nov. 13, 1978
"NTSB Ends Hearings On Sept. Crash"
"Antilles Resumes PR Service" 
V.I. Daily News- June 30, 1979
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