I knew from my time at Coral Air that the Nomad was not a great aircraft  but I decided that making this move to a larger city would open up new opportunities.


Upon arrival I found that Air Hawaii / Hawaii Landair was in a bankruptcy reorganization and looking to the Nomad to help them. It didn't. Air Hawaii was a Part 135 operation and I recognized that the management contracted the maintenance to a third party.  I told them instead of taking on the role of Director of Maintenance that I would be their Chief Inspector so I would have more control over the airworthiness of the aircraft. I worked closely with the FAA in the certification of this aircraft but within three months it was evident that another airline was to close.

My work with the local FAA (FSDO)            allowed me to develop a great working relationship which developed into new job offerings. 

Islands Air Hawaii (inter-island cargo) came immediately after Air Hawaii. Another not so great airline but as Director of Maintenance, I continued to provide solutions to existing problems. The financial backers decided to close and reorganize under Rainbow Islands Cargo.  So once again, I proceeded to develop a new Part 135 certification for a Beech 18 and DC-3  aircraft.

I continue to acclimate to my new location while learning quickly and making new friends. 

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