Alternative Facts

Over the years, we have read stories from some that have worked at Antilles Air Boats. We have also seen video clip or read additional stories from some that didn't have a direct relationship with the airline.  In some cases the facts have been less than accurate even though that was not their intent. Some may even say that of my comments. 

I will refer to a few, not to disparage the writer but to maybe answer questions asked of me about the alternative facts.

more on "Tis Herself"...

Chapter 23 - Red Ball in the Sky


  "Mrs. Blair, I'm calling from Washington, D.C. We'd like to know the true story of the assassination of General Blair".


      Conspiracy theory....REALLY? 

Excambian was never Excalibur VII and the take-off is not St. Croix but Catalina. (casino in background) The eBay seller has this postcard for sale at $100 - 7/13/21  just marked down to $90 after many months
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