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Naval Air Museum Barbers Point

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Heading 6
Brad Hayes
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The Naval Air Museum Barbers Point which told the history of the Naval Air Station is now history itself.  

When I review the efforts of Brad Hayes, from 1999 to the closing of the museum in 2021, it seems like many businesses at the state airports, working with the DOT-Airports is very difficult. It is not a partnership to find solutions but an adversary that will dictate regardless of what may make sense for all concerned.


No doubt an air museum have airplanes. Airplanes take up space. As Brad brought in more aircraft and larger aircraft, the footprint grew. One thing that Kalaeloa Airport has is space. Lots of space.

There should have been a home for the Naval Aviation Museum Barbers Point.

I will be back soon to continue my comments

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       Images from the museum that helped tell the history of this NAS    
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