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Charles "Chuck" Billman Jr.
1938 - 2013

The Billman's


Chuck heard from some of his Air Force flying buddies that there was a flying opportunity at AAB. The Billman''s (Chuck, Pat, Gary and Gregg)  arrived in STX about 1976. The Billman's certainly made an impact on everyone. Chuck was a great pilot and friend to all. Pat's outgoing personality made her a pleasure as she to took on a role at AAB. Even though Gary and Greg were in their high school years they took an interest in all aspects of the seaplane operations. It didn't take long before Gary left for college. Greg, still in high school, took on some part time duties at AAB even flying as bowman on the Sandringham "Southern Cross".  The Billman's aviation ties date back to the Wright Brothers and continue to this day with another generation of  aviators. 

As time has passed, so have friends... Chuck, Pat and Gary are truly missed. 

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Pat Billman

1938 - 2015


Pat was a very special lady. She always was there to help... not only with the work but with the fun. You never had to wonder what she was thinking... she would always let you know and we loved her for that.  I had the pleasure of working with her at Antilles Air Boats as well as Coral Air. Chuck and Pat also lived for awhile at Estate North Star along me and other aviator friends. Pat endured many losses in her life but always looked at the new joys in her life. Even though Chuck and Pat were many miles away (Florida / Hawaii) we found time to visit each other over the years.

We will always remember Pat. 


Tom Anusewicz

Pat and Tom Anusewicz at Estate North Star
Pat Billman and Charlie Freehling
1958 - 2006
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Gregg Billman
Colonel Gregg Billman
Gregg and the very proud parents
Cadet Captain Brooke (Billman) Mountcastle, Gregg and Pat Billman (the very proud father and grandmother
John Wayne, Pat, Gregg and Mrs. Blair
original (1).jpg
1902 - 2002
Wright Brothers - Dayton, Ohio  1905
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Jamie & Tom Anusewicz with Chuck, Pat and Greg Billman at Sam Choy's - Honolulu (2005?)
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