Bonnie was the Supervisor of Maintenance at Antilles Air Boats in St. Croix. He was recognized for his knowledge and experience with the Grumman amphibians. He retired after Mirabella discontinued their operations in Ft. Pierce, Florida.



Guyana Airlines - British Guyana

Antilles Air Boats- U.S.Virgin Islands

Chalks Airlines - Miami / Ft. Lauderdale

Marabella Yachts ( Seaplane Operations) - Ft. Pierce, FL



Resides in Port St. Lucie, Florida 

Claude Austin & Charlie Freehling
Mirabella G-111
Mirabella G-111
Mirabella G-111

Treasure Coast International Airport Ft. Pierce, Florida 

Before hurricane Francis and Jeanne destroyed Mirabella Yacht's hangar in 2004, it was home for many in the Grumman family of amphibians. Widgeon, Goose, Mallard and Albatross seaplanes were maintained as well as assembled with the oversight of Claude Austin and others. N42MY, N10NG, Hemisphere Dancer and Katanga were some of the Albatross aircraft that were based at Mirabella. After the hurricane, Mirabella rented a smaller hangar awaiting word on the rebuilding of the hangar. It never came to be.

I traveled periodically from Hawaii to Ft. Pierce to visit my parents that lived a couple of miles from Miraballa . I always made a point to stop by to see Bonnie and the Grummans.

Tom Anusewicz

Mirabella / Grumman Albatross G-111        photo collection by Craig Young

photo credit Tom Anusewicz

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