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Consolidated Catalina  PBY-5A

 photo by  Charlie Freehling
aab pby cf1.jpg
PBY N5588V 2.jpg
photo credit Charles Freehling
Super Cat
C/N  CV-548
Super Cat
C/N  920
C/N  1846
Super Cat
PBY N5588V.jpg
photo credit William Sierra
N5584V  St. Thomas - Cessna 180 on floats in background
photo credit William Sierra
N5588V 008.JPG
Charlie Freehling
N5588V 007.JPG
N5588V 012.JPG

Aero Digest / Sept. 1939 ad

Eclipse Aviation's engine accessories.

American Export Airlines where Charlie Blair was Chief Pilot.

PICT0051 (002).JPG
VIDN AAB PBY at STX Jan 14 1969.jpg
n703 3.png
VI Daily News Jan 3 1969 PBY.jpg

Another PBY story from another time. 

Maui 1986


a video  of another dilemma


1968 - Christiansted, St. Croix - The PBY landed in STX, and while taxing hit the large drainage pipe flange in the harbor and damaged the hull. This was before the AAB ramp and terminal was completed,

so a crane was brought in to lift the aircraft for repairs.

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