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Consolidated Catalina  PBY-5A

 photo by  Charlie Freehling
aab pby cf1.jpg
PBY N5588V 2.jpg
Super Cat
C/N  CV-548
Super Cat
C/N  920
C/N  1846
Super Cat
PBY N5588V.jpg
N5584V  St. Thomas - Cessna 180 on floats in background
N5588V 008.JPG
N5588V 007.JPG
N5588V 012.JPG
David P - PBY.jpg
Charlie Freehling

Aero Digest / Sept. 1939 ad

Eclipse Aviation's engine accessories.

American Export Airlines where Charlie Blair was Chief Pilot.

PICT0051 (002).JPG
n703 3.png
VI Daily News Jan 3 1969 PBY.jpg
VIDN AAB PBY at STX Jan 14 1969.jpg

Another PBY story from another time. 

Maui 1986


a video  of another dilemma

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