S/N  B-141

Manufactured in 1945   JRF-5      Bu87747

US Navy


Humble Oil & Manufacturing - Humble, Texas  1945-1954

 Freeport Sulphur Co - Freeport, TX    1954-1963   re-reg. N2005 > N2003

Dean Franklin/Amphibian Parts Inc. - Miami, FL 1963-1966

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I. 1966-1981

   AAB ceased operations 11/9/81 stored at Alexander Hamilton

   Airport. Damaged by hurricane 1985, abandoned as a wreck.

Dean H. Franklin Aviation Enterprises Inc. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  1992-1999

Klaus D. Martin / European Coastal Airways - Munich, Germany 1999-2012

  crated to Landsberied, Germany along with 3 additional Gooses

  (HS-TOM, N28369, N79914)        



Gus Greaux, mechanic from Trinidad
photo credit Frank Strnad
photo by Charles Freehling

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