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Federal Aviation Administration
at DKY Internationl Airport (HNL)
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FAA FSDO second floor at Air Service Corp. Building - 1982
FAA Hangar / Warehouse
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Screenshot (695).png
Land Lease DOT-A-79-0004 (expired 9/30/09
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N27 FAA 727 1.jpg
1991-HNL-03 - Copy (2).jpg
1991-HNL-03 - Copy.jpg
N27 FAA B727.png
N27 FAA B727 at Lockheed nose docks HNL awaiting new hangar
FAA N27 is then transferred to U.S. Marshal Service as N2777

The Hemmeter Aviation hangar had a fabric roll-up hangar door just like the one installed on the FAA hangar.  The Hemmter hangar was not built first but the FAA liked the design, so it was incorporated on both east and west sides of the hangar. Hemmeter not only used it for the hangar but used the same door at the Maui Westin Hotel in Maui at one of the restaurants that over looks the shoreline. When inclement weather arrived, they would just roll the door down.

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The FAA entered into a lease with the State of Hawaii DOT-A in 1989 to construct a Flight Service Station at the end of Lagoon Drive. After securing a lease the FAA began the development in 1992 with completion coming about 1994. The lease was a year to year with an automatic renewal with a 30 day notice opt out and run to 2029 (40 yr.)(0 yr.

FAA personnel managed the station until 2005 where it was then contracted out to Lockheed-Martin. In 2016, Leidos (merged with Lockheed-Martin) and took over FSS and managed this responsibility from a separate site. The only FAA FSS is in Alaska.

The Honolulu FAA FSS facility has been sitting empty for over 6 years. The 77,000 sq. ft. footprint has been leased by the FAA at not cost. The lease states 

PL 97-248.jpg

Once the FSS ceased operations the property no longer offered a service or benefit to the public and should not have received a no cost lease ( see Public Law 97-248). The 77,000 sq. ft. lot at the rate of $5.67 per sq. ft. per yr. (improved) would equate to $436,590 per year or over $2.5 million since it discontinued FSS operations but still held by FAA. 

Point being that ALL users of the airport should be treated equally as laws apply. 

Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982
Clipping from The Honolulu Advertiser - Jul 31 1992.jpg
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