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A collection of photos of Antilles Air Boats aircraft from the many staff and friends. 

Click on photo to take a closer look ...

S25 Sandringham "Southern Cross" on the step in St. Croix"
S25 Sandringham
S25 Sandringham - Sydney Harbor before departure
Goose on the step STX
S25 Sandringham - Southern Cross in San Juan hangar
S25 Sandringham - Sydney Harbor from one to the other
G73 N26DF - Mallard at STT station
S25 Sandringham -Southern Cross upper deck pax cabin
N26DF STX Still in delivery colors before AAB paint.
4 Goose Fly-By STX
Mallard departure in STT
S25 Sandringham Excalibur VIII before final departure STX
S25 Sandringham BOSTON - A fuel stop
STT ramp
Goose at STX maintenance
S25 Sandringham - Southern Cross in Martinique on mooring offshore of hotel during down island excur
Mallard departing ramp
G73 Mallard landing at St. Thomas
S25 Sandringham Preflight before final departure. STX ramp in the background
S25 Sandringham STX - Jim Flanagan, Flight Engineer checks the fuel sumps during preflight
S25 Sandringham
AAB President Maureen O'Hara Blair and Charlie Freehling, Director of Maintenance
S25 Sandringham Cockpit
AAB Goose departs San Juan
S25 Sandringham in San Juan hangar
AAB Consolidated PBY-5A
Mother Goose takeoff STX
Southern Cross in Ireland
4 Goose Fly-By - The memorial tribute to Gov. Cyril King.1/9/78
Grumman Albatross - The first AAB Albatross arrives in STX but never flew in passenger service.
N8777A Goose - The early days are easy to recognize because of the paint scheme. They varied over th
STX Seaplane Ramp - Early morning, before the flights begin. I would take my boat out along with my
G-73 Mallard - The mallard landing in St. Thomas.
S25 Sandringham
Goose  STT
Grumman Mallard - G-73 Mallard landing in St. Thomas.
N95467 Excalibur VII - The early bird... a beginning of a great adventure
VS -44 Excambian - "Mother Goose" taking off in St. Croix.
Goose in San Juan
Goose departing from Gate - N8229 - The only AAB Goose with Mckinnon modified Retractable Floats 1
Mother Goose leaving STX
Landing in the cut - STT
Goose boarding in STT
N323 - Gov. Cyril King's memorial flight 1/9/79
N40R ready for boarding
Capt. Blair on top of Excambian
S25 Southern Cross
N323 flying over Christiansted, STX
Four Gooses in tight formation.
Mallard on STX ramp...ready to board
Mallard landing in STT
A flock of Mallards lined up for maintenance.
STX Ramp
S25 Sandringham - Southern Cross prepares for its final departure from STX. Early morning preflight
S25 Southern Cross - Fueling operations in St. Croix.
Capt. Mable gets ready for departure
N8229 - Flying with the floats down to match the other 3 aircraft in formation. Normally the floats
N7777V - Final fueling before departure from STT
Mallard comes up the ramp in STX
N323 STX
Goose STT - Prepares to come out of the water..up the ramp to gate.
S25 Excalibur VIII - Prepares for its final departure from STX
Excalibur VIIIfinal tribute over Christiansted, St. Croix as it leaves for England.
VS-44 at dock in STT
Excambian on the step
Southern Cross flying boat
Mallard down the ramp STT
G21A Goose
Sandringham - Southern Cross / Charlie Blair & Dave Howard
Capt. Bill Mable prepares for departure
Capt. Blair & S25
Sandringham in Honolulu
STX Goose cargo loading
Antilles Grumman Goose - 044a
AII CV-440
STX seaplane ramp w/ S-25
Goose in San Juan
VS-44 Excambian
G73 Mallard landing STT
Southern Cross
N1048V Goose
On the step
AAB Albatross
G73 Mallard N1208 STX
N48V Goose arr stt 1
Goose in St. Croix
Goose, loading up STX
Unloading baggage in STT
Boarding the PBY in St. Thomas
PBY on STT ramp
Southern Cross in San Juan
N8229 departs St. Thomas
4 Gooses return to STX seapalne ramp
Mallard at St. John
Charlie Blair & N79901
PBY at St. Thomas
PBY N5588V
PBY N5588V
N4772C post card
AAB Goose STT Baggage
N7777V Goose STT
Goose departing San Juan
N7338 in Christiansted
N2003 in Christiansted
PBY / N2763A
N4772C in St. Thomas
Fajardo, P.R.
AAB Fajardo
San Juan, PR
N8777A at Isla Grande Airport - San Juan, PR
San Juan
N703A / STT
Goose STT
PBY N2763A in Ft. Lauderdale after AAB
GQ layout STT
N1208 J-44
N79914 G21A

Will continue to add to the gallery each month...

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