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Gander is a very special place. I will tell the story of how a Hawaii company found itself in Newfoundland. Due to circumstances with Chris Hemmeter's direction, the FBO operations only lasted a couple of years but the friendships have lasted a life time.  In Hawaii we are known for our ALOHA and Gander you find the Newfie hospitality to be the warmest and friendliest on earth. The people that have always made a difference in each others lives...very special.


I will talk about the startup, the partnership with Air Routing, the sale to Century Aviation. 


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Hemmeter Aviation International - Gander, Newfoundland
Gander Historical Society
Hemmeter Aviation International VIP Lounge/ Office

Early on Hemmeter recognized that they needed to start business at the main terminal and transfer to Hangar 22 in the future. Hemmeter requested an open space in the International terminal  from Transport Canada. We designed and constructed office. lounge, kitchen  and restrooms in 90 days . I was amazed at the cooperation and professionalism of all in involved with this project. 

Guest always enjoyed the hospitality!

Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by... he said "I'll be Back"

The BOSS arrives in Gander on his way to Europe. Chris & Patsy Hemmeter with Chris Jr. and Rich & Kelley Miano enjoying the new Hemmeter lounge.

New aircraft de-icer arrives
Tom Anusewicz checks out the new equipment
Okay, you can come down now.
Kelly, Dean & Joanne

Just some of the business cards of the many individuals that assisted our operations at CYQX

JET-A Fuel

The Soviet Fuel Supply

Come-By-Chance Refinery

Gus & Tom
HAI Gander Beacon.jpg
The Gander Beacon - Jan 18, 1989

It wasn't all work...

A curler from Hawaii?
I actually was not to bad as a curler.
Cake for everyone!
Another Birithday
Installed to the Royal Order of Screech
Documented record

A special memento that was given to me by Mayor Douglas Sheppard. A moose antler carved into an eagle. Quite impressive. Still displayed today.

Debbie Carter, Tom Anusewicz and Kelly English

We were all at the NBAA Convention. Debbie & Kelly with Century and I with Aviation Management Group. It was nice to see them both again.

The last 3 minutes of Jerry's tour is from the Hemmeter lounge developed in 1988
Currently used for international crew lounge.

Capt. Charles F. Blair in Gander

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