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HNL - South Ramp / Lagoon Drive
Ono Grindz & Pau Hana

Back in the day... grabbing a quick bite, anytime of day, seemed to be easier. The airport never slept and you could always run over to Byron's Drive-In or Kelley's and pick from an extensive menu. Popo's not only had a great Mexican menu but it was the choice bar for pua hana. 

As Lagoon Drive business expanded over the years and employees doubled, the local eateries declined. Make way for McDonalds and Wendy's. Auto and motorcycle dealerships took over the long established restaurants. 


The first Spencecliff establishment was the "Sky Room" at the old main terminal  and ultimately the first to close when the terminal

moved to the north side in 1962.

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Another memory was of the large bayan tree on Lagoon Drive, right at the bend of the road before the work places. Even though it could be a little noisy with departing aircraft, it was a place you start with coffee, take that plate lunch or end your day with a pau hana beer or two. 

The tree was relocated with the Lagoon Drive realignment but was never visited in the same way. It became diseased and ultimately removed.

Another treasure lost.               

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I arrived long after the Sky Room &  Short Snorter Bar but in time for other iconic establishments.

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Choir Practice

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Air Molokai

Before Hawaiian's Ohana Air, before Island Air and Aloha Island Air it was Air Molokai's facility. In the mid '80's, they operated a little café/grill, open to the public. They operated for a couple of years before the DOT-A closed them for violation of Hawaii Administrative Rules. HOST had the food concession for the entire airport. ALL food needed their approval as well as royalties to operate. Needless to say, it kept any food concessions from operating on Lagoon Drive.

I missed the Molokai Grill.