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Lagoon Drive has had a glorious history. The main terminal and the incredible aircraft arrived and departed from this shoreline ramp.

HNL - South Ramp / Lagoon Drive
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Lagoon Drive

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Pulama Lanai
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South Ramp Redevelopment Study 2020

AIR-EP 21.0097 Status of the HNL South Ramp Redevelopment Study - signed.jpg
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photo credit Kevin Lum
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The material I posted above is based on my personal observations over my years working on the south ramp. I have tried to be accurate in my submission but may have omitted some specifics regarding various properties. In most cases I have shared my opinion regarding the agencies and business on Lagoon Drive.  I have included a "Comments"  opportunity if you would like to share any thoughts you may have on my postings. All comments are welcome regardless of your position. I will post comments unless you prefer to remain anonymous.