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HNL - South Ramp / Lagoon Drive - Section 3
The sections are my way of dividing the narrative to the various pages, Sections have no official significance.
south ramp HNL.jpg

The photo is stamped November 9, 1981.

I thought I would  comment on the photo based on my observations of the time.

Lagoon Drive was still years away from its redevelopment.

1. The hangar /warehouse was developed by Pat Hart and others and the lease was Pacific / Paradise Helicopter (not Cal Dorn's Paradise H.) The building has had many tenants over the years. Will visit this later.

2. Panorama Air Tour

It was an all island, all day 

tour. All the vans are parked.

All aircraft are flying.

3. Grumman Goose G21A

Tales of the Golden Monkey                                 filmed in Hawaii '81 - '82


4.   Air Molokai - Inter-island commuter / DC-3 and Cessna 402's  For awhile we had the Molokai Grill serving a quick meal from breakfast to lunch. 


5.  Bob Ota's Rotor Wings - Helicopter maintenance facility. HPF /HPD helicopter ops. Instrument repair shop, as well as Frank Young's Goldwing Supply.

6. Aircraft Sheetmetal Specialist, Inc. - Ed Like     Many tenants since.

7. Mike Hartley built the hangar and later sold it to Chris Hemmeter in 1984. Chris did a full make over to turn it into a first class private jet terminal.

1982-11-09 South Ramp 01.jpg

8. Air Service Corporation - Facility included FAA FSDO, Royal Hawaiian Air Service, Murray Air and others.

9. Bank of Hawaii - aviation ops

11. Hans Muller's Hawaiian Air Tour Service / Dehavilland Herons & Doves


Rainbow Islands Cargo had an 8' x 12' room at Panorama to begin ops.

Tom Anusewicz, Wally Dyer Jr. and Marian Kuzma washing the new arrival

photo credit Geoff Goodall

Kaulele Place


Heading 3

Scott Frazier worked for Jeanie & Guy Davis of Federal Avionics until he started Pacific Avionics in 1992. It was a busy avionic repair station, not only covering Hawaii but traveled to many islands in the Pacific. 

The above DOT-A diagram S01, of the south ramp from 2008 shows the various lots and tenants. I divided Lagoon Drive differently in order to provide a easier narrative of tenants between roads and taxi lanes. SO1 indicates lot numbers and tenant names when available.

Will continue to use this diagram on various pages.

Lanai Air.jpg

The above photo was taken when, as Exec. V.P.  of Bradley Pacific Aviation, I negotiated with Pat Hart, the owner of the facility, to lease the second floor office space. Bradley utilized the ramp space to service transient aircraft.

Picture 213.jpg
Picture 204.jpg

When Pat Hart first built the building he was involved in an aviation business but closed the helicopter operations after a few years. Pat rented space to other aviation business over the years. Most of the interior was utilized by air freight forwarders. The offices upstairs had Cliff McCluney's General Aviation Services until he sold it to Hemmeter Aviation in 1986. Hemmeter was planning on building a hangar on the ramp in front for his Boeing 727 until those plans changed. Hemmeter assisted FedEx when they first came to Honolulu. They parked their B727 on the ramp and had offices in the second floor office. Flying Tigers' DC-8 also flew for FedEx startup . In a short period of time the FedEx DC-10 was parked on the ramp a few days a week.