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HNL - South Ramp / Lagoon Drive - Section 2
The sections are my way of dividing the narrative to the various pages, Sections have no official significance.
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This section of Lagoon Drive had its interesting history with the Naval Air Transport Service, Lockheed Aircraft Services and the airline aircraft maintenance at the nose-docks and storage at multiple warehouses. The Lagoon Drive realignment project in the late 80's opened the area to new development with cargo, maintenance and flight kitchen facilities taking up every lot. The FAA hangar was the only structure in place before the new buildings began to materialize. I have shared a little more about the business that operated here. 

1992-11 HNL South Ramp001.jpg
HNL Airport 1.jpg

Mokuea Place

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iss lagoon.jfif

Pat Magie operated Islands Seaplane Service from 1997 to 2017 from the shores of Lagoon Drive. Once again, the seaplane lanes have no seaplanes.

See more about his operation and Keehi Lagoon.

Keehi Place


I first met Beti when she operated ABRE Freight in Hilo back in the mid 80's. Back then she knew the problems of shipping products from Hawaii to the mainland, specifically the Big Island. She worked with Hemmeter Aviation, when we started a new operation called "Jet Freight Pacific"  with a Boeing 707 freighter from Buffalo Airways (Waco, TX) in 1988. It was to run HNL/LAX but it was short lived and Beti was frustrated with those involved and said "Ill do it myself" ... she did. She connected with Kalitta Air. 


 Beti Ward's Pacific Air Cargo started its operations in the eva (west) bay of Pat Hart's building before they built their own. 

I remember Connie Kalitta calling me to talk about my thoughts about a new facility. He flew in and met with Beti and I and I drove down the south ramp as we discussed their direction for what was to become. 

Beti Ward was indeed a savvy businesswomen, growing her cargo business as well as, support the local communities. Beti is missed. 

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connie kalitta2.jpg
photo credit je89 W.
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Connie Kalitta

Jim flew for Kalitta Air for many years as Capt. in the 747's. He primarily flew the middle-east routes but on occasion, he flew LAX-HNL. A quick call from the cockpit had me drive up to the airplane to pick him up . Always a treat having a good friend in town.

Hawaii News Now - April 13, 2015

Pohakulana Place


Federal Express arrived in Hawaii back in 1988. Hemmeter Aviation had taken on additional ramp space with the acquisition of General Aviation Services and made arrangements to allow Federal Express the use of this property. FedEx in turn went to Pat Hart and rented space in his building. The first aircraft that came to Hawaii was their B727. The range on this aircraft was doable with reduced loads, but it wasn't long before we saw Flying Tigers DC-8 on the ramp. 

FedEx arrives in Hawaii 1988
1992 HNL 01.jpg

Boeing 727 with reduced load, Flying Tigers DC-8 and then the DC-10

Once the FedEx DC-10's were added to the ops specs to operate in Hawaii, they were a regular visitor. They grew quickly which meant they needed a new home.

Screenshot (955).png
Screenshot (949).png
Screenshot (950).png
Screenshot (951).png
fedexfeeder logo.png

Mike Overstreet's Corporate Air came to Honolulu in 1988 to start the FedEx feeder operations and continues his long term relationship with FedEx. See more at Corporate Air

Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster
FAA image1.jpg

The hangar was built back in built back in 1979 for the FAA aircraft based in HNL. The FAA have not had aircraft for thirty years. Today it is a maintenance facility . See more at FAA

1991-HNL-03 - Copy.jpg
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Screenshot (938).png
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Lauhoe Place

unted logo2.png
Screenshot (933).png
110 Lauhoe Place

The Continental Airlines hangar was a great addition to the Honolulu International Airport back in 1998. 

It was the only civilian hangar that could accommodate a large wide-body aircraft. I even made arrangements to use the hangar when transient aircraft had a critical maintenance need.

Edgar Silva was the maintenance manager for Continental and continued after the United merger. Edgar has overseen the hangar operations for many years.

Even though the aviation community was glad to have such a facility on the field, it was not utilized as originally planned and never saw the numbers of employees nor the financial return to the state. 

Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Apr 12 1997 - Copy.jpg

The lease is up for renewal in 2027 and I'm sure that United will find a way to continue its operations at 110 Lauhoe Place for awhile. The South Ramp Redevelopment Study of 2021 indicates this facility could be dismantled.

Honolulu Advetiser 4/4/97
Clipping from The Honolulu Advertiser - June 7 1998.jpg
Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Jul 22 1997.jpg
Honolulu Star Bulletin 6/22/97
Honolulu Advertiser 6/t/98
Screenshot (931).png
Clipping from The Honolulu Advertiser - Aug 12 2000.jpg
above video and pump images example only
Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection System

The hangar requirement for  fire suppression includes a pump house with 2 large tanks to hold the water and foam component. The cost is no doubt high but necessary for occupancy.

Screenshot (944).png

Iako Place

unted logo2.png

The Chelsea kitchen (Chelsea Food Service) was a subsidiary of Continental Airlines. The facility was built back in the late 90's to meet the increasing demand for airline meals. The merger of Continental and United in 2010  left the lease with United. As the years went on the meals changed and United's Chelsea kitchen became a financial burden. With the Covid pandemic, it was clear that they needed to close the kitchen ASAP . The DOT-A lease ran out in 2020 and it was not renewed and closed in 2021. United contracted with Gate Gourmet next door.

What's next for this facility? Certainly not a flight kitchen.

129 Iako Place
Screenshot (943).png
Screenshot (939).png
Screenshot (942).png

The FBO's utilized Chelsea primarily for U.S. Agriculture approved fruits and vegetables for mainland departures. 

Screenshot (941).png
Original lease
DOT-A -00-0006
Continental Airlines
Lockheed Aircraft Service bldg from parking lot 1982.jpg
Lockheed Aircraft Servcies bldg last days 1982.jpg
Lockheed Aircraft Service bldg. 1982.jpg
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