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Mike Hartley

Michael J. Hartley started his first aviation adventure in the early 70's. He started with a single engine aircraft providing tours and aircraft rentals, before he grew into Island Pacific Air. Island Pacific Air began in 1975 and operated a twin engine Cessna 402.

From that small airplane in the late 70's, the 80's had him operating the largest airplane, a Boeing 747. The Hawaii Express began in 1982  with one 747 but in 1983 closed its doors operating two DC-10's. Air Hawaii began in 1985 utilizing the same DC-10's from The Hawaii Express but it too was short lived.

Those years were difficult and probably frustrating but it set up the next venture for the Hartley's.

Cheap Tickets began in 1986 and his perseverance and hard work paid off and paid well.

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Mike Harley.

Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - 3-14-77 MH Island Pacific Air.jpg
Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - 12-15-76 Island Pacific Air - Copy.jpg
Hawaii Herald-Tribue 10/5/76
Clipping from The Honolulu Advertiser - 4-2-75 Island Pacific Air.jpg

Mike Hartley as owner-operator of Island Pacific Air was the first to develop the hangar/office on the east ramp at the Kahului Airport. He also constructed the original hangar that was later sold to Chris Hemmeter. Chris made upscale renovations and developed the new FBO "Hemmeter Aviation" in 1985.

HDHL / Pacific Air Express                                Maui Flight Center  1985
Clipping from Hawaii Tribune-Herald - 10-5-76 Island Pacific Airways.jpg
Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - 12-15-76 Island Pacific Air.jpg
Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - OK Air '75.jpg
Honolulu Advertiser 4/2/75


Island Pacific Air begins May 1975
Honolulu Star-Bulletin 12/15/76
1200px-the-hawaii-express-logo-august-1983-svg_orig - Copy.png
Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - 8-31-82 HE.jpg
Screenshot (1010).png
The Hawaii Express begins August 1982
Clipping from The Honolulu Advertiser - 10-15-82 HE.jpg
Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - 3-20-86 MH - Copy.jpg
Air Hawaii begins November 1985
03-06-2005 11;15;37AM.JPG
03-06-2005 11;16;33AM.JPG
03-06-2005 11;13;12AM.JPG
The flight attendants completing training
Founded in 1986
cheap tickets.png

"Cendant said today   that it will buy Cheap   Ticket Inc. of   Honolulu for $425   million cash." 

Honolulu Advertiser 8/13/01
nothing cheap about Cheap Tickets
Clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Mike Hartley.jpg
Clipping from Hawaii Tribune-Herald - 11-17-00 MH.jpg

Michael Hartley established Koloa Aviation, LLC in 2001 to register and operate his private jet. His Gulfstream GIV  was first hangared at the BIG white hangar before Castle & Cooke took ownership and continued to rent space over the years. In 2018, Koloa Aviation upgraded to a GV aircraft. As of late 2022, the venture capitalist, Greg McAdoo took possession of the GV and re-registered it as N82MF (Speedero LLC, Oregon)

Gulfstream G-IV N820MS  serial no. 1147
Screenshot (1012).png
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