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HNL - North Ramp / General Aviation
relocated to south ramp in 1990's
photo by Tom Anusewicz - 1983

General Aviation began on the north ramp at Honolulu International Airport. Some businesses started to migrate to the south ramp over the years, but after the realignment of Lagoon Drive and the construction of new T-hangars, it was mandated that small aircraft and businesses relocate. The business in the two hangars just quietly went a way. Ma Woods passed in late 1984. Steve Usland moved to the mainland and  Bob Wittinghill's Polynesian Air closed. 

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United Airlines Cargo 58,000 sq. ft. facility opened in 1998
Clipping from The Honolulu Advertiser - Oct 24 1989 GA.jpg
The Honolulu Advertiser - 10/24/89
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DDI Accessories / Don Mayer

Hawaii Country Club of the Air

 1907 - 1984
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I had the pleasure meeting with Ma Woods when Wally Dyer Jr. and I were starting up Rainbow Islands Cargo in 1983. We spent time in her office discussing various aspects of our new Beech 18 and Hawaii operations.

Steve Usland

was a local aviation insurance agent. He provided insurance to individual owners as well as business operations. He also had his own aircraft that provided small charters around the islands. About the time the general aviation was being relocated he decided to closeup and move to the mainland.

DDI Accessories / Don Mayer

Don had a FAA certified repair station to overhaul and repair engine accessories (starters/generators and other electrical components) Don relocated to the south ramp but  had short term occupancy and he found himself moving his shop multiple times. DDI Accessories always gave us good service. The components always reached there TBO. 

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Jane Kelley

Marijane is a friend from our days at AAB in the Virgin Islands. I found it very interesting that we connected to several of the same people over the years.

Polynesian Airways

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