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Ralph Fuller

Avionics Specialist

U.S. Navy
Antilles Air Boats

1970 - 1973    U.S. Navy - Aviation Electricians Mate 3rd class

1973 - 1980    Antilles Air Boats


Ralph Fuller was an avionics technician. Antilles Air Boats' radio guy through the mid to late 70's. AAB was lucky to have Ralph as long has they did.

When Ralph left the Virgin Islands, about 1979, we weren't sure he wound up. When "Southern Cross" made its last flight from STX to Ireland,  in October 1980, it made an  unexpected stop in Long Island Sound due to radio problems. The aircraft taxied for miles to Port Washington looking for assistance. When moored off shore they told the local facility what their problem was and shortly thereafter a boat approached with a radio tech. Not just any radio tech but the Ralph Fuller. Of course Ralph new the airplane, these particular radios and was a welcome reunion with the crew. Smiles all around and of course the radios were good to go. (see Jim Flanagan's Journal for the whole story)

more to come...

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