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Noreen Gilles
Nick Castruccio
Bob DeLugo
STX Crew
New photos by Steve Bell
Julie Rasmussen & Bonnie Austin
Capt. Ruddel
Capt. Ron Gillies
Capt. Bob Scott
Jerry Dodge
Capt. Don Schell
Ginny Angus, Julie Rasmussen and Maureen O'Hara Blair
Juan Murphy
John Wagner
Capt. Don McDermott
Capt. Brian Lincoln
Capt. Bill Mable
Glenn Arveson
Paul Holt
Fred Romney
"Bunny" Olsen, Maureen & Patti Armstrong
Charlie Lindenberg
Charlie Freehling
Tom Anusewicz
John "Duke" Wayne & Capt. Blair returning from a flight in "Southern Cross".
Marijane Howard
Dave Howard
Vince Sipple
Chuck Billman
Pierre Champoux
Wade Vianney
Neil Coulston
John Wayne, Pat Billman, Greg Billman and Maureen O'Hara Blair
Colonel, Robert Scott, USAF before AAB
Jim Flanagan
Bryan Moncton
Noel Holle
Eileen Gambino
Desmond Boroughs
Alyn Huggins >
Pat Billman and Charlie Freehling
Molly Morris and her assistant "Elvin"
Marijane Howard
Brian McCook
Steve Lawrence and Mike
Linda Turner
Jan Baranski
Jerry Rivera
Richard Esdaille and Loreen Francis
Richard Esdaille (rt.) traveled to AAB STX everyday.
Trudy Clark and Jerry Rivera
Marijane Howard and Capt. Ron Crozier
 Jan Baranski, Bob Johnson, Ron & Ann Crozier and Ron & Noreen Gillies
AAB's Employee Picnic STX / Blind-fold Dingy Races
Capt. Brian Lincoln / G-73 Mallard / STX
 Kevin Murphy - STX Maintenance
AAB (33).jpg
Don McDermott
 Pepe taken a break at the Goose Grill / STX

Claude Austin, Maintenance Supervisor and Charlie Freehling, Chief Inspector...

Jim Flanagan & Eric Crossfield

Above... Paul Fagan and Charles FitzSimons (Maureen's nephew} working as stewards on:"Southern Cross" during the trip to Ireland in 1977.

Don McDermott, Charlie Blair and Steve Bell
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    Micheala Farrell at the Goose Grill