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Peter Wright was one of the original pilots who flew for Claire Chenault's "Flying Tigers" in  China. Peter along with others from that group found flying the VS-44 for American Export Airlines to be their next adventure.

VS-44 N41881 & N41882
American Export Airlines

Log Book Entries

Oct/Nov/Dec 1944
Capt. Emory J. Martin

was previously the Chief Pilot for United Airlines in New York before being recruited  by Charlie Blair to fly for AEA

Screenshot (994).png
October 19th -
26 Navy Pilots
Ira Elder Beltz
October 21st
November 17th
Anchor Watch 
A precaution taken when on board a ship (flying boat)
 when lying to an anchor in bad weather. N41881 at anchor in Bermuda with a watch to ensure no drift.
900' error in altitude -near accident
November 16th -
Test - Landings & Takeoffs
AEA VS-44 Log Entries Oct-Nov 1944 pg3.jpg
November 18th
Night Take-off
2,000 lbs over load 

AEA VS-44 Log Entries Oct-Nov 1944 pg2.jpg
Thank you to Anthony Gagliani for submitting  the log book page.
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