Born in May 1952

Graduated from Sts Peter and Paul Catholic High School, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Island - June 1971.

Retired from U.S. Army; 1971 to 1991. Served overseas in West Germany, South Korea and South Viet Nam as a Avionics Technician and Instructor.

Worked overseas in Saudi Arabia Civil Defense Aviation Agency as a Avionics Instructor/Technician on the Kawasaki KV-107  helicopters with Kawasaki Helicopter Arabia LLC.


Worked for Bell Helicopter Arabia as a Avionics Instructor for the Saudi Arabian Air Force with Agusta Bell AB-206 Jet Ranger, AB-212 and SH-3D helicopters.

Currently working at Avtec. Inc. in Lexington, SC programming, testing and repairing Communication Console Equipment used by airlines, railroad, utility companies and public safety agencies.

Hobby: Researching airline history, aircraft accidents and aviation mysteries.



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