Past employees and friends of AAB are assisting with this website by sending photos, stories as well as taking the time to research this special time in history.
I would like to express my appreciation for their contributions. I have included a little about those that are supporting this effort.

A very special thank you to Charlie Freehling. Charlie was a major part of making the decision to start this website. Charlie is also the major contributor with photos and material as well as keeping me technically correct. I appreciate the friendship over the past many years.

1944 - 2019

A great supporter of the AAB  website

1944 - 2019

Thank you Chris!

St. Thomas Photographer
will credit photos were possible. 
Editor - also before/after AAB
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I want to thank my good friend, Mark Merriam of Aloha Graphics for his continued assistance with larger plate and volume scanning. It has been a big help in posting unique items to this site. Mahalo!

Tom Anusewicz, Charlie Freehling and Jim Flanagan - 2012
Claude Austin