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2020 marked my 52nd year in aviation.  You don't travel through five decades without your share of obstacles and adversities.  I have always enjoyed the challenges and accepted each to allow positive growth for each company, fellow team member as well as for myself. Over the years, airlines have come and gone, jobs changed but it added to the adventure called career.

I967 - 1973      U.S. Coast Guard - USCG Air Station - San Juan, PR

                                                           USCG Air Station - Salem, MA (reserves)

                                                           USCG Air Station - Cape Cod, MA (reserves)

1973 -1975      Barnstable Municipal Airport - Hyannis, MA.

                                                           Airport Operations Supervisor

                                                           Aircraft refueling / parking

                                                           Aircraft Crash Rescue

1975-1980        Antilles Air Boats - Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

                                                             Mechanic, Assistant. Director of Maintenance

                                                             Supervisor of Maintenance Planning & Stores

1980-1982        Coral Air - Alexander Hamilton Airport, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

                                                             Director of Maintenance - Pt. 135

1982-1982         Air Hawaii / Hawaii Land Air - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                              Chief Inspector - Pt. 135

1982-1983         Islands Air Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                               Director of Maintenance

1983-1984         Rainbow Islands Cargo - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                VP - Director of Maintenance

1983-1984         Seagull Air Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                Director of Maintenance

1984-1986         South Pacific Island Airways - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                               Flight Engineer - B707-300

                                                               Superintendent of Maintenance - Part 135

1986-1990          Hemmeter Aviation - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                 Director of Maintenance

                                                                 V.P. - General Manager / FBO Ops.

                                                                 Executive V.P. - Aviation Division

1990-1993           Aviation Management Group - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                 Vice President 

                                                                 Aviation Consulting

                                                                 Agent - Southern Air Transport

1989-1994          Air Marshall Islands - Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

                                                                  Director of Quality Assurance

1993-1998          Circle Rainbow Aviation - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                  Managing Director

1998-2008          Bradley Pacific Aviation - Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                  Executive Vice President - Founding Partner

2008 - Present    Oke`e Aviation Services, LLC - Honolulu, Hawaii




FAA License:

Airframe & Powerplant, Inspection Authorization, Flight Engineer (Turbojet Powered)

Stories from a Private Jet Terminal 

is a presentation I was giving at various business luncheons around Honolulu. 

Presentations ran about 20 minutes or so.

I printed out my PowerPoint presentation with notes and posted here.


Bob Sigall, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Rearview Mirrior Columinist's fourth book about Hawaii's companies and the people within. A quick story about some of the people that transited through the private jet terminals. Based on my presentation above.

International Operators Committee
nbaa okee membership.jpg

Various aviation prints, photos and unique pieces


I will continue to post stories from my years in aviation on this page. Even though this website is dedicated to Antilles Air Boats,     I find "my page" to be an opportunity to tell my story.

I encourage other past AAB employees to tell their story on their page as well.

Cape Lobster - South Harwich

During my years as a U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Aviation Petty Officer, living on Cape Cod, I deviated from Aviation in few jobs to pay the bills.