Estate North Star - St. Croix

Estate North Star - I was blessed to have had the opportunity to live there and manage the property for two separate owners over several years. In the late '70's into the early 80's the North shore was a remote and pristine area and totally awesome. I did this while I worked at Antilles Air Boats. North Star was at the base of Mt. Eagle, the tallest mount (1,100 ft.) and the last light along the coast all the way to Ham's Bluff Lighthouse.  I managed the property that consisted of 70 acres and 5 homes until I left St. Croix for Hawaii in 1982.  

I will share a bit of history of North Star from long ago, as well as my years on the property. I also will  share a bit on those people that came to call North Star home, even if it was for a little while.

The museum has the above plantation photo as Frenchman's Bay in St. Thomas. I know for a fact that this is Estate North Star on St. Croix. The original painting is hanging in the museum. Every building, structure, well, and contour of terrain is exactly as depicted in the painting. Frenchman's Bay does not resemble at all.

A copy was in the basement of the Whim Great House and were told of this error back in 1978.

Sam Irish was the full time grounds keeper at Estate North Star. Sam was from the British island of Anguilla. He live in a modest home behind Miss Mary's Bar in the village at La Vallee and he walked to North Star  Monday to Friday every week. He was a good worker and  a great friend. On my way home from AAB, I would stop by Miss Mary's to have cold one with Sam.  I missed him after I moved to Hawaii.

Antilles Air Boats employee's that made North Star home over the years;

  • Tom and Ann Anusewicz

  • Chuck and Pat Billman - flight operations

  • Pierre and Jean Champoux - flight operations

  • Marty Thompson - flight operations

  • Kevin Murphy - maintenance

  •  - flight operations

  •  - accounting

Estate North Star Ownership
The Wall & Gardens at North Star

Diving - put on the gear at the house and walk down to the water...and do this often..

CXY 2177
CXY 2114 - Copy
CXY 2115 - Copy
CXY 2116 - Copy
Most houses hade their own cistern but we also had a major catchment with additional cistern that could provide additional supply of water.
Poinsettia's grow up the ruin walls 
The bread fruit tree hangs over the back wall of the old factory.
The road from Cane By to North Star.
North Star Factory Front 04212019.jpg
My neighbor and good friend, Eddy


St. Croix

The North Star Bell.

Ann Duffy Anusewicz with "Bo"

The top of Mt. Eagle.
The Mill at Estate Prosperity
estate north star image mar 2020.jpg
A sketch from1978 


Just down the dirt road from Estate North Star was Davis Bay. Back in the 1970's Davis Bay was a remote location with a fantastic beach. Before you got to the beach you met a local named Dan Dan. Dan Dan put up a little toll gate across the road. He lived in a makeshift home amongst the ruins of an old sugar mill. He could be very intimidating running out of his house with a machete in hand, demanding to be paid to enter. He had absolutely no authority but it worked pretty well for him. I knew him quite well and would always bring him something but mostly a bottle of Cruzan Rum ($.99).  When he saw me coming he usually was wearing a smile rather than carrying a machete.

Today, Renaissance - Carambola Beach Resort & Spa


In 1977, Hollywood came to Davis Bay. The Island of Dr. Moreau was totally shot on location. They built a compound and caves for their production. I walked down to see a bit of the production and some of the cast would walk over to Estate North Star. Burt Lancaster, Michael York and Barbara Carrera and Richard Basehart. The photo above shows the clearing amongst the palms that was the compound that got burnt to the ground as part of the H.G. Wells story.


 The only light between North Star and Hams Bluff was the lighthouse. A special remembrance.