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Cape Cod Ready Mix

Hyannis, MA

Cape Cod Ready Mix had a batch plant in Hyannis at the corner of Yarmouth Road and Route 28 until about 1976. I was working at the Barnstable Municipal Airport as a Ramp Operations Supervisor when I first met Frank Joy, co-owner of CCRM. Frank was an avid aviator, flying his twin engine aircraft when ever he could. I was becoming frustrated working for the Town of Barnstable (Airport) due to the very low rate of pay. Frank asked me if I would be interested in managing his Hyannis plant. He told me it was a one-man operation requiring me to handle ALL aspects of the plant.  I left the airport for cement and made twice the money. I enjoyed many aspects of this new job. Cy Joy managed the day to day operations from their main plant in Brewster. The staff at CCRM was a great group of guys. When it was discussed that this plant may close I decided to move on rather than be relocated within CCRM.  In June of 1975 I left for the U.S. Virgin Islands to look to get back to aviation and also be warmer.

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Railroad Round House
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