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Bob Yosaitis and I  both worked at Circle Rainbow Aviation but became increasingly frustrated with the owner, Doug Ledet. In 1998 we both left to start something new. Bradley was Bob's eight year old son, we added Pacific and Bradley Pacific Aviation was formed. Bob Yosaitis as President and myself as Executive VP.  With business plan in hand, we looked to investors to join the new venture. Enter Tom & Mi Kosasa.  We rolled in a trailer and began to develop one of the fastest growing companies in Hawaii. Bradley Pacific was an FBO handling transient corporate aircraft as well as provide Jet-A fuel to local operators and into-plane fueling services to the major airlines.

Within five years or so Bradley Pacific was moving over 1.5 million gallons per day.


In 2006, just eight years from its start up, Ross Aviation along with other interested groups looked to purchase Bradley Pacific. In 2008 Ross Aviation successfully closed on the acquisition. In 2014 Ross sold Bradley Pacific to Landmark Aviation and in 2016 Landmark was purchased by Signature Flight Support.

Like any business it certainly had its frustrations internal as well as external but overall I am proud to have been part of this exciting company.


Bradley Pacific Aviation

"Fueling Hawaii's Economy"

Bob Yosaitis, President
Tom Anusewicz
Bradley Pacific Aviation










BP-1 was the very first truck for Bradley Pacific. This older military refueler was sitting at the HNL airport , yellow and never in civilian service. On our start-up we needed fuel trucks and even though we would normally pass on this old beast, we gave it a new lease on life. Mike Clark  gave it a quick make-over and it opened the Kauai station (new United contract) and then moved to the Big Island to open the Kona station.  BP-1 rose to the occasion, its last years were some of its best, even though it limped and gasped for breath to the finish line.


Billy. Warren & Brandon

Bradley Pacific's Newsletters

A PowerPoint presentation given at the Ross Aviation quarterly meeting. This was an introduction of BPA to the other Ross Aviation companies.


The Kama'ilio 'Ana

Greetings from the CSR's
2006-01-01 00.00.00-107 - Copy.jpg
Rho Neves
Ground Support Mag.jpg
bpa byron ho.jpg
Byron Ho
Desi Latorre

Rho was another individual that was responsible for the BPA's success. Starting in Maui as a fueler but over time took on the role of training hundreds of individuals on the proper procedures of fueling.each airlines aircraft. Rho served as Director of Fuel Operations. Mahalo. 

10,000 gal refueler
Production floor with 2 - 10,000 gal & 3 - 5,000 gal  refulers.
Production floor dominated by BPA
5,000 gal refueler in production
5,000 gal refueler with custom rear fueling deck
Refuelers prepare for final testing
Refuelers complete testing

Garsite - Kansas City / When BPA started we needed equipment. We needed quality fuel trucks that were designed specifically for Hawaii operations. Even though Garsite's name had been around for years... this was a new management start-up. We found each other at the right time. BPA needed equipment and Garsite needed customers. BPA put in millions of dollars of orders. Garsite's Steve Paul, Doug Moskowitz and Mike Ellis as well as many on their team became one with ours. BPA's success was in part due to the partnership with Garsite. Mahalo!!

Picture 213.jpg
Picture 207.jpg
Enrique Elizondo "Ricky"
Director of Maintenance

BPA's success was obtained due to the incredible people it was able to recruit . Ricky joined the team early on and we were so fortunate that he did.               BPA started its operations with used equipment while new trucks were being manufactured. Ricky oversaw all aspects of refurbishing and maintenance. As we grew so did the staff to maintain the growing fleet of refulers. Ricky and his team took care of over 50 trucks (hydrant/tanker) at 5 airports.

BPA's primary role was to provide "on-time" re-fueling services to airlines and private business jets while maintaining the highest level of safety. Ricky and his team's performance allowed BPA to continue to reach its goals year after year. Mahalo! 

Clark's Petroleum Parts & Service

Mike Clark was another part of the equation of success. I already new Mike for ten years before BPA and he provided much needed expertise and parts, especially in the early days. Clark's Petroleum Parts & Service was a family business which included his wife Kim and son, Abe and daughter, Jade. In 2009, Mike passed away with Kim following him a year and a half later. Both left to soon. They are missed. Abe continues on today.

see BP-1 above
The first 3 hydrant refulers arrive from Mobile Equipment Fabricators - Long Beach

Pam, Sharon, Jessica, Suzanne, Julie, and Mi. The guys, Monty, Alex and

Obama aircraft and CSR photos by Jessica Brayton
Olympus1 281.JPG
Picture 204.jpg
Picture 150.jpg

My office...

Picture 151.jpg

If you found this page through the AAB website you would not be surprised by the office decor. Seaplanes are indeed prominent on my walls. I enjoyed my space... it was efficient and comfortable.

BPA JETA Map.jpg
South Ramp HNL 114.JPG
Olympus1 145.JPG
Picture 214.jpg

Still working on this and other BPA pages. Many people and stories to highlight.
Stay tuned... more to come.

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