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Skal International Hawaii
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International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals

I was introduced to the Skal Club of Hawaii by my good friend Bob Cobb. Bob brought me as his guest to a meeting when Rene Cochran was President in 2004. I joined shortly after and continued my membership until July 2019. During those years I maintained an active role as a member of the board and officer. I also assisted in development of specific programs that allowed the club to grow. I will always look at my years with Skal as a great experience while making some wonderful friends. I am grateful for the opportunity.

Skal Hawaii website


Young Skal

The Young Skal program was very rewarding. It was the first in the U.S. and Hawaii became the leader and remained the largest Young Skal club.

I provided the leadership for the program and kept in close contact with each campus on Oahu. (University of Hawaii Manoa & West Oahu, Hawaii Pacific University, Kapiolani Community College and Leeward Community College. Below is a video of the PowerPoint presentation I put together to introduce Skal to the students.


Hawaii Pacific University with Wendy Lam, Associate Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management and Samantha Londynski, student and new Young Skal member

hpu group.jpg

"Back to School Bash"at the University of Hawaii - Travel Industry Management School with Jaesuk Oh, Richard Park, Professor Junwook Chi and Martina Kostalova

I facilitated a Young Skal Workshop at the 2019 North American Skal Congress (NASC)

This is the PowerPoint presentation used for the event.

SkalHI Scholarship Dinner 2018.JPG

The Annual Student Scholarship Dinner at KCC along with Young Skal members.

University of Hawaii - TIM School

Professor Junwook Chi invited me to be a guest lecturer for his Aviation Management course each year.(2015-19)  It was a pleasure to participate. I have posted a video of PowerPoint presentation without narration below.

  • Joined in 2005 


  • Board of Directors 2007 -2019

  • Secretary  2008

  • Vice President​ 2009

  • President  2010-2012  

  • Developed newsletter​ 2008

  • Developed Young Skal  2009 with 10 student joining. The program saw over 60 YS members over the next 10 years.

  • 2011 - Initiate incorporating the Skal Club of Hawaii as Skal International Hawaii as a corporate entity in the State of Hawaii.

  • Change the IRS  category from 401(c)7 social club to 401(c)6 business league (common business interest) to assist with increased membership.

  • Developed 3 websites . Each website allowing more capabilities for members as new technology became available.

  • Assist with becoming Skal USA Club of the Year 2017

  • Guest Lecturer at UH / Travel Industry Management School- Aviation Management Course

  • Assist with North American Skal Congress 2019


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The installation dinner in April 2012 completed my 2 years as President. I was recognized for my efforts with a koa paddle. I then turned over the role to the incoming President Doug Okada.

Screenshot (16).png

I initiated the Skal Hawaii websites the above being the third format. Each one allowing for more capabilities. The latest allowing many pages as well as a secured membership directory and an on-line  shopping for many Skal logo items.

Developed Skal Hawaii's first monthly newsletter in 2008. It became more difficult when I took on the role of President and with Stephanie Uyeda passing. It was picked back up by Pam Davis in 2014.

1 SKAL Hawaii Sept08_Page_1.jpg

Created a 6oth Anniversary Video

more video's on website...


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