Christopher B. Hemmeter
Hemmeter Aviation was the exclusive handler for both British Airway and Air France's Concorde's in Hawaii.
Honolulu transient aircraft operations

Hemmeter Aviation was a division of Hemmeter Corporation based at Honolulu International Airport. Starting as a corporate flight department for Chris Hemmeter but developed into a primier Fixed Base Operation / private aircraft terminal. Operations grew to all major islands in Hawaii and included international services many miles from home. See the many faces of Hemmeter Aviation below.

Tom Anusewicz, VP/GM
Bob Fishman, Exec. VP
Bob Woods, VP/Flt. Ops
Honolulu executive lounge
British Airway's Concorde in Honolulu
Julie Nurre,
Manager Customer Service
Honolulu Ramp Service Technicians - Calvin Kondo, John Mason, Dwayne Young and Mark Livingston

The British Airways and Air France Concorde' both came through Honolulu in November 1986. The video is a collection of local news broadcasts. The video is an old VHS conversion which is not of very good quality but wanted to share.

Kahului, Maui

<  Hemmeter Aviation operated a Rockwell Turbo Commander 690B primarily to get Chris Hemmeter to Kauai, Maui and the Big Island hotel development projects. The Westin Maui, Westin Kauai Lagoons and Hyatt Waikaloa were all being built at the same time. When we started Hemmeter Air is was difficult to meet the charter demand due to Chris's need for the aircraft. We got a second 690B to meet the charter demand... Chris wanted the second aircraft as well. We didn't get a third and discontinued our efforts to offer charters.

Special charter operations
Airline fueling operations - Kahului, Maui

United Airlines DC-8 in Maui. United first entry to direct flights to the neighbor islands in Hawaii. Maui Flight Center / Hemmeter Aviation fuel ops.

Chris Hemmeter's B727-35 Executive
more on N727HC

The video below is the arrival of the new Boeing 727 / N727HC in Honolulu on June 14, 1987. Chris Hemmeter with family and friends were all on board for the first trip of  this new addition to the fleet.

Rockwell Turbo Commander 690B
Rockwell "Shrike"  Aero Commander 500

1988 promo video

         Hemmeter Aviation 

Employee Appreciation Weekend 1989

This was the second year that Hemmeter Aviation provided a fun filled weekend for the employees and their families for all their dedication and efforts in the past year. Due to the business being 24/7  the event needed to be held on two separate weekends and locations to accommodate our customers and staff. The above event was held at the Sheraton Waikiki Resort and included Lihue and Kona staff. The Maui event was held at the Westin Maui Hotel and I will provide photos of that event soon. The Honolulu and Kona staff operated the Maui station during the event as Maui  took care of Honolulu, Kona and Lihue for the above. The beginning is the games and then the evening event which includes the talent of some of the staff. The video quality is not very good but glad we were able to capture and convert the old VHS.

Hemmeter Aviation was sold to Century Aviation in 1990. It wasn't my first meeting nor my last with this group. Stories abound with Lulu Miyasato always in the middle. I will share more about the sale, the lawsuits and bankruptcy

more to come soon!

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