I will tell the story of how I met Lulu Miyasato and the Century companies. Century Aviation was not a financially viable company. For over fifteen years Century Aviation lost money each and every year and was finally sold in bankruptcy in 2005.  

I was the senior executive at Hemmeter Aviation when it was sold to Century in 1990 and at Bradley Pacific Aviation when we were the successful bidder at  the bankruptcy. I dealt with Lulu as a competitor for those fifteen years. My personal thoughts. and opinion...

The many companies of Uesugi in Hawaii with Lulu leading the charge

Century Aviation /  Century Airlines USA / Century Industries 

Century Ashai Corp  /  Kyoto Tsushinki Management

Palm International Trading Ltd.

T. Joy Inc. (Las Vegas)

and Tri-Pacific LLC

Louise M. Miyasato

1956 - 2015

July 1 - 5, 1990 Trip to Fukuoka, Japan
Century Headquarters - Citi Bank Bldg., Honolulu


Masaya Uesugi

Hemmeter Aviation photo with Century name photshoped

before, during & after Century


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