Century Aviation

Louise M. Miyasato

1956 - 2015

  I will tell the story of how I met Lulu Miyasato and the Century companies. Century Aviation was not a financially viable company. For over fifteen years Century Aviation lost money each and every year and was finally sold in bankruptcy in 2005.  

I was the senior executive at Hemmeter Aviation when it was sold to Century in 1990 and at Bradley Pacific Aviation when we were the successful bidder at  the bankruptcy. I dealt with Lulu as a competitor for those fifteen years. My personal thoughts. and opinion...

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July 1 - 5, 1990 Trip to Fukuoka, Japan



Masaya Uesugi

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The many companies of Uesugi in Hawaii with

Lulu leading the charge

Century Aviation /  Century Airlines USA / Century Industries 

Century Ashai Corp  /  Kyoto Tsushinki Management

Palm International Trading Ltd.

T. Joy Inc. (Las Vegas)

and Tri-Pacific LLC

Century Headquarters - Citi Bank Bldg., Honolulu

My Disconnection...

For over fifteen years, Lulu Miyasato,  as the chief executive of Century Aviation continued to collide with those that did business at Hawaii's airports. Some of the following notes, memos and stories will give a little insight into the ultimate demise of  the once premier FBO. 

When I filed a lawsuit against Century Aviation it was primarily based on their failure to meet  the contractual agreement. Even though Century never entered into a new employment agreement with me, once they signed the letter of intent to purchase Hemmeter Aviation they needed to continue with my current salary and benefits. The letter of intent stated my continued employment (running the company) for one year.  All Century had to do was pay me the remaining time on THAT contract which would be approximately $40,000.  Instead they fought it with some of the best attorneys in town for over a year. They spent nearly $400,000 in attorney fees to finally settling with paying me $40,000. 
Circle Rainbow Aviation offer
Bradley Pacific Aviation takes over

"My life truly is stranger than fiction... I couldn't make this shit up" unknown

Hemmeter Aviation photo with Century name photshoped
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My first meeting
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ca lounge hnl.jpg

Louis Pohl original painting from his Pacific Islander series, from Chris Hemmeter's collection. The art work was  just one of a number of pieces at the FBO lounge. When Century went into federal bankruptcy all the art was listed on the asset list. Just before Bradley Pacific Aviation took possession  the Louis Pohl was replaced with an unframed $15 poster. The bankruptcy trustee reduced the final sale by $10,000  for the Louis Pohl.

The games never ended

ca lounge hnl - Copy.jpg
fuzzy but my only representative.
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century truck.jpg

Century Aviation's 10,000 gal. fuel truck  (unattended) rolled, from the east ramp in Kahului, into ditch before the runway  and closed that runway for two hours.

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4585 Kahala Ave.

4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave
4585 Kahala Ave

before, during & after Century