Hemmeter Aviation / Kona, Hawaii
ha koa.jpg

Hemmeter Aviation's ramp office after acquiring General Aviation Services, from Cliff McClooney. The office was rented from the DOT-A by a 30 day revocable permit. It is not transferable... unless the company is sold in its entirety. This office has been rented by

  • General Aviation Services

  • Hemmeter Aviation

  • Century Aviation

  • Bradley Pacific Aviation

  • Landmark Aviation

  • Signature Flight Support

all on the same 30-day revocable permit for nearly 40 years. The DOT-A and DNLR have reviewed it a few times for fee adjustments and name changes but it keeps on rolling.  

koa admin airport2.jpg

The photo on the left is of the current State of Hawaii, DOT-Airports administration building. Back in the mid 80's this was the commuter terminal with counters for four tenants. Kona Helicopters and Hemmeter Aviation occupied two of those. Hemmeter converted its small (50 sq. ft.) office behind the counter into a lounge for its crew and passengers of transient jets. Frank Kamahele was the Airport Manager for both Hilo and Kona, splitting his time between them. His Kona office was at the maintenance base yard.