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Ann Vasconcellos

Ann is a graduate of the University of Hawaii - Shidler Business College. Following her time at the University, Ann worked at the Waikiki Hyatt, providing concierge services with excellence and Aloha. I first met Ann when she was recruited to provide that same level of service at Hemmeter Aviation. Ann brought so much talent to what ever team she joined. Over the years, each time I was asked to assist in the development of a new start up, I knew that I needed Ann to be part of it to ensure its success, I was so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Today, Ann works at the Waialae Country Club as  Communications/Member Relations Manager 

as well as operates her own business -  HI Society Concierge LLC


2006-01-01 00.00.00-172.jpg
Gina and Ann

Transair Center -  Ann and I  joined together to develop a new FBO start up in 2010. Every aspect of the business plan and its implementation was considered including setting up operational procedures, regulatory agency requirements, marketing as well as staffing and training. The principle decided not to continue after handling its first and only aircraft. We both saw it coming.  Still very proud of our work.

Ann and Tom at the National Business Aviation Association Convention in Atlanta, GA - 2011
Transair Center 007.JPG
Laurie Gomes and Gina Vasconcellos (CSR's) greet the very first customer (only customer) during the high level APEC meetings in November  2011.

Ann and I joined together to develop a new FBO start up in 1993. After leaving Hemmeter Aviation and Century Aviation, we had a great opportunity to once again create an aviation service company that would be recognized internationally. Within   6 months we had captured 25% of the private / business jet market. Unfortunately, the owner was not worthy of our talents and dedication. Ann was the first to leave and I followed her about a year later.

240612-021719 - Copy.jpg

Ann stayed on with Century Aviation as Manager  of Customer Service. I was there for the transition between  Hemmeter and Century. The only photos I had was of the trip to Japan with Ann, Charles Kitchens, Roy and myself  to meet with the new owner Mr. Uasugi.


many Lulu stories...maybe another time.

Ann joined Hemmeter Aviation as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) handling the many aspects of coordinating the  arrival and departures for VIP's that travel in their private jets. Ann continued to take on more responsibilities and became the Manager of her department. When Hemmeter Aviation was sold she stayed on in her role as Manager for Century Aviation.

Bob Woods, Ann and Jon Mason
hemmeter GSC2.jpg
Ann, Bob Woods, Julie Nure and Bob Fishman
Ann, with visiting flight crew member.
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