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Gulfstream IV World Record Flight / June 1987

The 3 gentleman with the leis were Guflstream's advance team placed at each fuel stop around the world (Jim Keller -standing) The Hemmeter crew... standing l-r, Gary Gibson David Gregoire, Preston Basia's hat, Viki McIntyre, , , , Tom Anusewicz, Eddy Medieros.  with David Demello , Kenny Goo and Terry Mooney.


Eddy Medeiros fueling over wing. For the quickest fuel ops there were two single point fuel nozzles attached to the fuselage as well as over wing nozzles. The Hemmeter ground crew pumped over 3,000 gals in just over 9 minutes from positioning trucks, pumping the Jet-A and clearing the aircraft.

 David Gregoire and Kenny Goo with one of the single-point fuel nozzles.


Kahului, Maui


Even though we met with FAA tower personnel and was ensured that they would do everything possible to get the G-IV back on the runway ASAP... it was held up for the Hawaiian DC-9 that had just reached the north shoreline of Maui. The Hemmeter crew lost out to Dubai as the quickest turn in the world. Dubai runway was so long that they stopped on the runway, refueled and continue on for takeoff. They only beat us by one minute. The Maui stop included reentry to the U.S. with Customs, Immigration and Agriculture clearances.

Maui no ka oi

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