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The Delani Collection

Delani has collected interesting articles and pictures of Maureen O'Hara, Charles F. Blair Jr. and Antilles Air Boats and is sharing her collection. Delani is not the photographer but one that has researched for those special hard to find items.

                   Some photos are already on other pages but

included here as part of her efforts.    

Thank you De!

Goose N8777A departing San Juan, P.R.
Goose N7777V departing St. Thomas
Goose departing St. Croix (old ramp)
Goose departing St. Croix
A happy new buyer, Charlie Blair and seller, Ansett Flying Service in the cockpit of S-25
Goose departing St. Thomas
Mrs. Maureen O'Hara Blair speaking at the dedication of "Excambian at the New England Air Museum in Hartford, CT.
AAB logo in the tarrazzo floor at the Blair's home in St. Croix

Charlie Blair & Dick Probert on VS-44

Lady Brid Johnson travels by Goose with Capt. Blair
Goose ant 588.jpg
Southern cross.jpg
PBY stt.jpg
de's CFB pic sept18.jpg
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