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Jim's last flight
July 21, 2013
Jim Flanagan
S-25 Sandringham

Jim Flanagan began his aviation career like many of us at the time... the military. Jim enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1967. Jim was a Sergeant/Aviation Technician in Viet Nam until 1970 and continued his work on many aircraft at Kincheloe AFB in Michigan until 1971.

Jim arrived at Antilles Air Boats in January 1972 as an A&P mechanic but soon took on new duties in the cockpit. In 1974, with the Ansett Sandringhams being added to the AAB fleet, Jim went to Sydney to not only prepare the flying boats for ferry but took on the role of flight engineer. 1974 also saw the arrival of the G-73 Grumman Mallard which Jim started flying the right seat. It wasn't long before Jim was sitting in the right seat of  "Southern Cross", the Sandringham that flew the Caribbean as well as in Ireland and the U.K.

Both the military and the work at AAB was great training for what was to come next.

Jim Flanagan continued his aviation career which had him flying to and from countries around the world (extensive experience in Europe, Africa, Mideast, Central & South America and Asia).

From the early years of turning a wrench to the left seat in the B747-400, his 46 years in this industry was one of a serious professional. Jim is the guy you wanted at the controls as well as the guy you wanted to call... friend.

Jim Flanagan flying the S25 with Capt. Charles Blair
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Southern Cross's  Last Atlantic Crossing

Jim Flanagan's Journal transcript

Sept-Oct 1980

Jim Flanagan in Culebra, P.R.
Jim Flanagan with Leo Soto & Horatio Belmar in STT
Jim Flanagan and Mrs.Maureen O'Hara Blair - 1980
Jim Flanagan with the Blair's in Ireland
    A young Flanagan -     U.S. Air Force / Vietnam
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Jim Flanagan and Southern Cross
Southern cross.jpg
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Excalibur VIII moored in Keehi Lagoon, Honolulu, Hawaii enroute from Sydney to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Jim Flanagan sitting in the cockpit while working with additional ferry crew - S-25 Capt. Loyd Maundrel (on the wing)

top right - Jim at the flight engineers position. right - Jim in Honolulu for crew rest. 

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Southern Cross  - Aeroplane Monthly.jpg

Southern Cross Ireland Trip 1976 -

Short Sandringham Ireland Trip.jpg
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Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii - 1974
Airline Quarterly Summer 1978.jpg

Jim Flanagan was part of the AAB Sandringham crew from the beginning. Jim share some of the stories from various publications.

will also post to additional S-25 pages

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Aircraft Annual 76 - Pacific Passage.jpg
Jim Flanagan pre-flighting "Southern Cross" in St. Croix
1978 - Jim Flanagan working on his DC-6 engine after an emergency landing in Aden, South Yemen (in route from Addis Ababa to Cairo) 
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