Shorts Sandringham  S.25


"Southern Cross"


"Excalibur VIII"

Capt. Blair and

Co-Captain, Jim Flanagan

  Jim was part of the AAB S-25's

  from the very beginning to the last    

  flight in 1980. 

A.A.B.'s New Additions



In the Virgin Island and beyond

Sandringham Flying Boat Cruise 

Marijane Sipple's Slides - Sandringham Travels

"From Sea to Sky" - The Story of the Flying Boat

Photo by Charlie Freehling

Refueling at the Christiansted, St. Croix ramp. Ron Gillies, Jim Flanagan and Don Schnell on the wing directing the fueling ops.

The Ships That Flew

The Sandringhams are sold and  prepare to depart for the U.K.

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