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Ansett Flying Boat Service
Juliet Flying Boats Inc. / Ed Hulton
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C/N  SH.113.

"Excalibur VIII"

Manufactured - Shorts Bros / Sunderland MK III  July 1944

Royal Air Force - Wing Bay, Stranraer, Scotland    as JM715   1944-1947

   Flying Boat Modification / Short Bros. & Harland, Belfast - conversion to MK V   April1945

Royal New Zealand Air Force - 1953-1963

Ansett Flying Service - Sydney, Australia  1963 - 1974 "Islander"

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I.  1974-1979     reg. N158J

Juliet Flying Boats, Inc. (Edward Hulton) 1979-1993

leased to Ryanair 1989

Kermit Weeks / Fantasy of Flight Museum - Polk, FL  1993- present

see Historical Time-Line for more information. R.N. Smith and his colleagues at Aussie Airline have done the work of developing the comprehensive history of the Sandringham's as well as many other aircraft that found service in Australia. Their dedication to this history is very much appreciated.

Keehi Lagoon, - Honolulu, Hawaii

St. Thomas
photo credit Jim Flanagan
N158J final days in San Juan 1979
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photo credit Jim Flanagan
photo by Tom Anusewicz
photo by Tom Anusewicz
photo by Tom Anusewicz
photo by Tom Anusewicz

Ed Hulton completed his initial work on N158J in San Juan, P.R. and flew to Christiansted, St. Croix (AAB seaplane ramp) for final preparations for ferry. Charlie Blair's "Excalibur VIII" makes a final fly-over before its journey to the U.K.

A brief role in a movie production....

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