As I gathered photos for the AAB website, I utilized  images from my  extensive personal library as well as from other past employees and friends. A number of photos were taken by amateur as well as professional photographers. Many images have been taken off the internet. My intent was certainly not to circumvent any copyright issues. This website is a not for profit and is only viewed for historical interest. I will  return to review photos and give credit were possible. I will also use this page to link to photographers page as possible. Please let me know if I have failed to give credit. Thank you to all, for photos that appear on the many pages of this website. We couldn't tell the story without these fantastic images.

AAB website is currently being self audited to ensure proper photo credits

multiple images
Mick Bajcar
Mick has approved 15 of his wonderful photographs of AAB for the
website. Check out more of Mick's airplane photos at 
Bob was good friend to Charlie and Maureen O'Hara Blair and Antilles Air Boats
Senior Curator Aeronautics -
Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum 1970-1991
Bill resides in Puerto Rico and has taken many incredible photos of aircraft in the region. Check them out by clicking on William W. Sierra
Barry Friend
Barry Friend shares his photos of S-25 Sandringham VP-LVE "Southern Cross" from Sept.6, 1977.flight around Southampton and the Isle of Wright in the U.K. Barry spent most of his years with the Handley Page Herald. Check out their website and his story below
VP LVE Southampton Water Sep 1977
VP LVE Capt Ron Gillies  08 September
VP LVE Southampton Water Sep 1977
VP LVE Southampton Water September 1977
VP LVE Southampton Water Sep 1977
VP LVE Near Hythe Southampton Water Sep
VP LVE Southampton Water Sep 1977
VP LVE Over Southampton Water Sep 1977 B
Antilles Air Boat Tkt 0163 for VP LVE So
VP LVE Over Isle of Wight Sep 1977
Michael Prophet
VISS - Salt River STX
Grumman Mallard G-73 N7338 St. Thomas
G21A Grumman Goose
VS-44 Sikorsky sits idle in St. Thomas
Goose N7777V in St. Thomas