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New Brunswick Holding Co. Ltd.
photo from Bill Bailey Collection
Nederlandsche Niew Guinee
Shell Oil - Biak New Guinea
TAA Corair Service
photo credit J. Hopton (from Davis Eyre / Dave Paull)
photo collection Dave Paull - NZ Civil Aircraft
photo collection Dave Paull - NZ Civil Aircraft
photo collection Dave Paull - NZ Civil Aircraft
Tony Barnum / Crow Inc.
Barnett Leasing/Pelican Seaplanes
Peter Davis / Seagull Air Service
Reginald H. Slade
Harold Serpass
Sladeco Inc.
Chalk's International Airlines
photo credit Geoff Goodall
Antilles Air Boats
N2442H returns to Chalks (AAB logo on rear fuselage)
Champion Enterprises
Kermit Weeks Air Museum
David B. Robinson
Dean Franklin
photo credit Tom Anusewicz
C/N   J-13



01-23-47      Lord Beaverbrook / Canprint Securities, Ltd.

                      Montreal, Quebec                                                 

10-30-47      New Brunswick Holding Co. Ltd.

                      Fredericton, NB

06-09-48      Herbert P. Holt

                      Montreal, Quebec

 04-02-51     Asiatic Petroleum Corp.

                      New York, N.Y.

JZ-POA        Asiatic Petroleum Corp.


       04-51     Nederlandsche Niew Guinee Petroleum Maatschappij

                      Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia)

                      delivered from Canada via Scotland 3/23/52


01-15-55      Shell Oil / Nederlandsche Nieuw Guinee Petroleum

                         Biak, Netherlands, New Guinea

               62      Peter Ahrens / East Coast Airlines

                      Brisbane, Queensland , Australia                        


01-16-63      Trans Australia Airlines        

                      Melbourne, Victoria, Australia          


 06-13-63      Trans Australia Airlines                      

                       Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

                       painted as "TAA Corair Service"  for intended

                           tourist service on Great Barrier Reef      

                           water conditions considered unfavorable

 06-13-63      Utah Construction & Mining Co.       

                           Invercargill, New Zealand      


09-11-63      Utah Construction & Mining Co.

                      Invercargill, New Zealand

                      used to support construction of Manapouri

                           power scheme / flew 2,763 trips  between

                           Invercargill and Deep Cove lakes.

                           sold to Fiji, struck off reg,


02-25-69      Air Pacific Ltd.

                      Suva, Fiji   

09-04-70      damaged , ran off runway due to engine failure

                              offered for sale "as is" condition at Suva

03-31-71      Eugene "Tony" Barnum / Crow Inc.     

                      Toledo, Ohio

                      struck off reg.


04-14-71      Crow Inc.

                      Toledo, Ohio

12-15-73      Barnett Leasing Co. / Pelican Seaplanes, Inc.

                          Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

05-09-75      Peter M. Davis / Seagull Air Service 

                      Miami, Florida 

10-06-77      Reginald H. Slade

                      Burlington, Ontario, Canada


06-26-78      Reginald H. Slade

                      Burlington, Ontario, Canada

11-17-78      Harold Serpass

                      Dallas, Texas


01-12-79      Sladeco Inc.

                      Dallas, Texas

10-25-79      Chalk's International Airways

                      Miami, Florida

          -80      leased to;             

                      Antilles Air Boats, Inc.

                      St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

09-11-81      ceased operations/ return to

                      Chalk's International Airport

      10-83      Champion Enterprises, Inc.

                      Miami, Florida

08-01-84      Kermit A. Weeks Air Museum

                      Tamiami, Florida

      08-84      David B. Robinson

                      Miami, Florida

      10-84      Brinson Air Inc.

                      Miami, Florida

      11-85      Airport Facilities Inc.

                      Miami Springs, Florida

      01-87      David B. Robinson                      

                      Miami, Florida

                      restored  87/90

      10-90      Dean H. Franklin / Amphibian Parts, Inc.  

                      Miami, Florida  

      11-92      Steven T. Hamilton     

                      Carson City, Nevada

      12-92      Erickson Group Ltd.

                      Vancouver, Washington

06-17-93       Steven T. Hamilton

                       Carson City, Nevada

                       restoration Miami/Okmulgee, OK '94

N2950           restoration Victoria, BC  in 2000  as NC2950

                             by  Victoria Air Maintenance


                             won Classic Grand Champion Award at Oshkosh 7/01

                             CofA renewed following FAA G73 type grounding  12/05

                             Current registration   / expires  10/31/20

FAA Records - N2442H
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.

additional notes

Barry Ross's painting of Grumman Mallard N2442H
The AAB logo is still on the aircraft after returning to Chalk'
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