J. Raun's Mallard dropping guest on 1951 fishing trip.
C/N   J-38



 5-19-48      Thomas S. Lee Enterprises Inc.

                      Los Angeles, CA

 3-30-50      William Goetz

                      c/o Universl International Pictures

                      Universal City, CA

10-20-50     Terminal & Supply Corp.

                     Ruan Equipment Co.

                      Des Moines, Iowa 

11-07-51      Thor Solberg Aviation Co.

                      Summerville, NJ

10-10-52      ESSO Shipping Co.                     

                       Standard Oil of N.J.

                       New York, NY

                       operated in Peru by subsidiary,

                       International Petroleum

 6-16-58      Butterworth System Inc.

                      Standard Oil of N.J.                          

                      Bayonne, N.J.

 1-01-60      ESSO Tank Inc.

                      Standard Oil of N.J.

                      New York, NY

12-28-61     Pan Air Corp.

                       New Orleans, LA

  1-10-62     Toyo Menka Kaisha of Tokyo Japan

                         for Nitto Aviation

JA5106           re-registered for Nitto Aviation

                        later Japan Domestic Airways



 5-01-66      Universal Trading Company

                     Frederick B. Ayer & Co.


 5-01-66      Frederick B. Ayers & Assoc. Inc.

                       New York, NY

10-19-67     Dean Franklin - Miami

                        operated by Chalks

 3-03-74      Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I.


 8-19-74      Caribbean Flying Boats Inc.

                         (Charles F. Blair) on lease to A.A.B.

11-09-81     A.A.B. ceased operations

                         aircraft stored Hamilton Airport

                         relocated to Frakes Aviation

                         in Cleburne, TX

                         awaiting turbo conversion

 4-17-84      Associated Consultants  Int'l.

                     Virgin Island Seaplane Shuttle


12-06-85     re-registered;

                    turbo conversion never completed.

 9-24-91     Frakes Aviation still stored

                    Cleburne, TX

                    still stored as parts


photo credit Tom Anusewicz
photo credit Peter Vercruijsse
photo credit Mick Bajcar

Not an editable photo of N7338 from V.I. Daily News on-line archives. Marijane Howard Sipple remembered that day and verified the aircraft. 

G-73 Mallard N7338
G-73 Mallard N7338
G-73 Mallard N7338
G-73 Mallard N7338

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