C/N   J-38
J. Raun's Mallard dropping guest on 1951 fishing trip.



 5-19-48      Thomas S. Lee Enterprises Inc.

                      Los Angeles, CA

 3-30-50      William Goetz

                      c/o Universl International Pictures

                      Universal City, CA

10-20-50     Terminal & Supply Corp.

                     Ruan Equipment Co.

                      Des Moines, Iowa 

11-07-51      Thor Solberg Aviation Co.

                      Summerville, NJ

10-10-52      ESSO Shipping Co.                     

                       Standard Oil of N.J.

                       New York, NY

                       operated in Peru by subsidiary,

                       International Petroleum

 6-16-58      Butterworth System Inc.

                      Standard Oil of N.J.                          

                      Bayonne, N.J.

 1-01-60      ESSO Tank Inc.

                      Standard Oil of N.J.

                      New York, NY

12-28-61     Pan Air Corp.

                       New Orleans, LA

  1-10-62     Toyo Menka Kaisha of Tokyo Japan

                         for Nitto Aviation

JA5106           re-registered for Nitto Aviation

                        later Japan Domestic Airways



 5-01-66      Universal Trading Company

                     Frederick B. Ayer & Co.


 5-01-66      Frederick B. Ayers & Assoc. Inc.

                       New York, NY

10-19-67     Dean Franklin - Miami

                        operated by Chalks

 3-03-74      Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I.


 8-19-74      Caribbean Flying Boats Inc.

                         (Charles F. Blair) on lease to A.A.B.

11-09-81     A.A.B. ceased operations

                         aircraft stored Hamilton Airport

                         relocated to Frakes Aviation

                         in Cleburne, TX

                         awaiting turbo conversion

 4-17-84      Associated Consultants  Int'l.

                     Virgin Island Seaplane Shuttle


12-06-85     re-registered;

                    turbo conversion never completed.

 9-24-91     Frakes Aviation still stored

                    Cleburne, TX

                    still stored as parts


Antilles Grumman Goose - 112.jpg
photo credit Tom Anusewicz
AAB (37).jpg
FAA Records - N7338
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.
photo credit Peter Vercruijsse
photo credit Mick Bajcar
AAB (34).jpg
AAB (26).jpg

Not an editable photo of N7338 from V.I. Daily News on-line archives. Marijane Howard Sipple remembered that day and verified the aircraft. 

AAB (27).jpg
AAB (19).jpg
G-73 Mallard N7338
G-73 Mallard N7338
G-73 Mallard N7338
G-73 Mallard N7338
mag pic - Copy.jpg
photo credit Keith Sessons