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C/N   J-44
Remmert-Werner Co.
Beldex Corp
Safeway Airways



04-13-49      R.M. Hollingshead Co.

                      Camden, NJ     

      06-53      1,850 hrs.

02-23-54      Remmert-Werner Co.

                      St. Louis, MO

03-02-54      Beldex Corp. (Remmert-Werner Co.)

                      St. Louis, MO

N1208           1,934 hrs.

05-15-54      Freuhauf Corp.

                      Detroit, Mich.

01-15-63      J. Fred Frakes

                      Anchorage, AK

01-21-63      Safeway Airways (J. Fred Frakes)

                      Anchorage, AK

03-17-64      Northern Consolidated Airlines

                      Anchorage, AK

06-05-64      3,981 hrs.

08-01-68      Wien Alaska Airlines, Inc. name change

                      Anchorage, AK

03-21-74      Wein Air Alaska, Inc. name change

                      Anchorage, AK

 04-18-78     Crow Inc. 

                      Toledo, OH

11-21-78      ANTL, Inc. (Chalk's) leased to AAB

                      Miami, FL 

                      Antilles Air Boats, Inc.

                      U.S. Virgin Islands

06-06-80      8,663 hrs.

09-11-81      Antilles Air Boats ceased operations

                      returned to ANTL, In

         - 81      Frakes Aviation

                      Cleburne, TX

                      converted to G-73T  turbine

                      12,108 hrs, (total airframe)

05-16-84       Chalk's International Airline

                       Miami, FL

        1-91       Flying Boats Inc.

                              Fort Lauderdale, FL

                       operated as Chalk's

      95-97       operated as Pan Am

        8-98       repainted "Paradise Island" colors

10-09-98       World Pacific Air Lease, Inc.

                       Irving, TX

                       operated as Chalk's

08-12-99       Seaplane Leasing, LLC

                       Fort Lauderdale, FL

                       operated as Chalk's

          -00       withdrawn from use / to be rebuilt

03-23-05       Seaplane Adventures, LLC

                       Greenwich, CT

                       aircraft remained at Ft. Lauderdale

Tony Barnum
ANLTL Inc. / Chalk's
FAA Records - N1208
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.
Marijane Howard Sipple
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from Bill Bailey's Collection
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