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Marijane Howard Sipple

Marijane's first intro to AAB was with her husband Dave but in time she also became a seaplane pilot. In 1978, Marijane lost Dave in a Goose accident. It was a difficult time for her but with the support of all her friends she became the co-pilot on the Grumman G-73 Mallards. Within a year or so, her love of flying had her join the ranks of American Inter-Island Airways (Convair 440) where she continued flying as the first officer. While she was  flying in the right seat she met the guy in the left seat. Vince Sipple. Marijane and Vince enjoyed life together until Vince's passing in August 2017. Marijane resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

A letter to Marijane from Judy Craske, a passenger on the ill-fated flight of N8777A.

Marijane has recently sent over 150 photos which will be posted on this page, Dave and Vince's as well as many others. Thank you!!

Marijane and Dave Howard had the easiest commute to work. Step on to the dock at AAB.- STT

New stories from Marijane...

Sept. 29, 2020
June 1, 2020
mj pic.jpg
Marijane get her multi-engine seaplane rating in Grumman Widgeon with George Lambros.
Grumman G-73 Mallard

Vince Sipple & Marijane Howard

April 2021 MJ pg1.jpg
Marijane's new assignment Convair 440
Capt. Blair & Dave Howard in Sandringham S-25
Antilles Grumman Goose - 101a.jpg
by Marijane Sipple
< Marijane gets a feel for the left seat of the S-25 ... as well as the comfort of the upper passenger deck.  v
Marijane Howard gets a photo with AAB pilot - Capt. Ron Crozier
by Marijane Sipple
steve  trudy.jpg
December 2021
John Howard (15 years old)
Jane Kelly.png
by Marijane Sipple
February 28, 2022
the 99 news -1977 pg17.jpg
Dave Howard.jpg
March 27, 2022
the 99 news -1977 cover.jpg
Newly formed "Beachcomber Chapter" of the Ninety-Nines International Women Pilots
by Marijane Sipple
May 2, 2022
aab mallard w pax.jpg
Betty Miller - aircraft.jpg

"Thank You for Flying Antilles Air Boats"


by Marijane Sipple / June  2022

When Maureen introduced me as "Captain Marijane Howard" I thought I had just been promoted. Just for the day I learned. Marijane

mj story - Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta.jpg

Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta

By Marijane Sipple

Not an editable photo of N7338 from V.I. Daily News on-line archives. Marijane Howard Sipple remembered that day and verified the aircraft. 

Marijane and Bryan McCook in San Juan with S25 Excalibur VIII
00002 - Copy.jpg
Marijane Howard & Capt. Bob Scott
on the ramp at STX.

Cypress Village - Jacksonville, Florida

IMG_8815 - Copy.jpg

A Marijane Sipple  Presentation


     Friday, February 21, 2020

"Every month they have a program where a resident tells about a special time or experience they had."  ...

The above video is Marijane's PowerPoint Presentation without narration with music added.

Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - 011a_edited
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S25
Sandringham - S25
Sandringham - S25
Sandringham - S25
Sandringham - 025a
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S-25
Sandringham - S25
Sandringham - S-25

Marijane Sipple's Slides - Sandringham Travels

Screenshot (2).png
Screenshot (963).png
Screenshot (961).png
Document_2022-11-29_064641 - Copy (2).jpg

Reposting Marijane Nelson's (Howard-Sipple) article from Air World / 1973. I obtained a new copy of ESSO Air World with clearer images.

Document_2022-11-29_064641 - Copy.jpg
Document_2022-11-29_064420 - Copy (2).jpg
Document_2022-11-29_064641 - Copy (3).jpg
Document_2022-11-29_065120 - Copy.jpg
Document_2022-11-29_064420 - Copy.jpg
Capt. Bill Mable
Sandringham - 013a.jpg
Bryan Monkton 
Bryan McCook 
Ron Gillies
Noel Holle

Aviators from Down Under

by Marijane Sipple
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