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American Inter-Island Airlines

Operated by Antilles Air Boats
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American Inter Island - Many came together to be part of a solution to a problem. It was a solution at the right time for many reasons. Read about the problem, the solution and the many people that contributed to making things better for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Charlie Blair and Antilles Air Boats were the catalyst for getting things started but it took many individuals to keep the CV-440 operations moving until the longer STT runway was completed in 1982.

Jim Flanagan also served as First Officer as well as AAB mechanic, G-73 First Officer, S25 Flight Engineer, First Officer

Capt. Dave Howard, American Inter-Island Chief Pilot with CV-440 at Dothan, AL  overhaul facility.
CV-440 flying over Gregerie Channel and Water Island, St. Thomas
The runway at St. Thomas
Dave Howard
Dale Fessler and Peggy Cunningham
American Inter-Island & Prinair in St. Thomas. Notice the numerous concrete dolos used for the extension of the runway on water end. Once the extension was was A.I.I.
Sue, Dale Fessler, Jackie Landis and Mike Travelli
Flight Attendant, Peggy Cunningham leads passengers to Convair.
Learning to inflate the Convair life raft at the Corning Estate on the   West End of St. Thomas. Below; Life raft inflated...all aboard.
.Gini Springmeyer arrives in STT on the Convair
Newly formed  "Beachcomber Chapter" of the Ninety-Nines International Women Pilots
Marijane Sipple 
Vincent and Marijane Sipple 
F/O Steven Kern - 1977
F/O Steven Kern
american iia.png
jerome lee.jpg
Jerome D. Lee
1955 - 2016

Flying for over 40 years from American Inter-Island to  UPS. 

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CV-440 maintenance in St. Croix
American Inter Island  CV-440 fleet in St. Thomas - 1977
Capt. Vince Sipple
Harry S. Truman Airport, St. Thomas
St. Thomas - photos credit Geoff Goodall

Marijane Sipple sent in a copy of AA Travel Agency News from August 1977 detailing

American Inter-Island operations between STX-STT

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A good view of the extension of runway from the hills of St. Thomas. (2013 video)

B737 landing at St. Thomas. (2015 video)

Harry S. Truman Airport - late '80's

Historic footage courtesy: Josh Locker


Hangar constructed in 1930 and later became the terminal at Harry S. Truman Airport.

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