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Steven Kern

Steve recently sent photos of his time as a First Officer on the CV-440 with American Inter Island. We hope to share more about Steve and his long career in aviation soon.

American Inter-Island

CV-440 maintenance in St. Croix
F/O Steven Kern - 1977
Capt. Vince Sipple
Steve and Trudy Kern 0n the water.
American Inter Island  CV-440 fleet in St. Thomas - 1977

Some great photos from Steve Kern

G-73 Mallard departing the St. Thomas ramp
G21a Goose disembarking passengers in St. Thomas.
Goose taxiing to ramp in St. Thomas
Goose N79901 taxiing to the ramp next S25 "Southern Cross" in St. Croix.
Photos from Steve Kern's wife's grandfather, Boyd Goodwin, who was a seaplane mechanic with the U.S. Navy in Hawaii in 1925
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