Noel and Margaret Holle arrived at AAB with the  two Sandinghams from Australia .Noel was the Chief Engineer for the S25 "Southern Cross" and "Excalibur VIII" . Margaret was active at Antilles Air Boats and crewed on the S25's as a flight attendant.

Currently (October 15, 2018) Margaret is visiting the Foynes Flying Boat Museum in Ireland.  I hope upon her return we will gather more photos and stories for this page.

This photo was taken at the home of Gene Neville on Long Island.  A trip with Southern Cross leaving STX on May 31, 1977 with first stop Port Washington, N.Y. 


Top row; Steve Perry, ---, ---, ---, ---, ---, Gene Neville (top, right) at his home on Long Island (his other home was in St. Croix)

Middle row; Shirley Neville, ---, Capt. Blair, Maureen, J.C Kelly Rodgers, Margaret Holle, ----, Noreen Gilles.

Front row - Ron Gilles, Jim Flanagan and Noel Holle.

Included in photo are Stan and Anne Washburn ( Stan was with Pan Am)

Dennis Carey and his wife (Dennis is brother of Hugh Carey, Governor of N.Y).

Will continue to try to match names.

Podcast - ABC Local / Sunday Takeaway -          May 30, 2014

Meet former Ansett  flying boat fight attendant, Margaret Holle, who experienced the glamour  and the downright acrobatics of the early days    of island hopping.

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