Noel and Margaret Holle arrived at AAB with the  two Sandinghams from Australia .Noel was the Chief Engineer for the S25 "Southern Cross" and "Excalibur VIII" . Margaret was active at Antilles Air Boats and crewed on the S25's as a flight attendant.

 Not to long ago...(October 19, 2018) Margaret was visiting the Foynes Flying Boat Museum in Ireland.  See below

This photo was taken at the home of Gene Neville on Long Island.  A trip with Southern Cross leaving STX on May 31, 1977 with first stop Port Washington, N.Y. 


Top row; Steve Perry, ---, ---, ---, ---, ---, Gene Neville (top, right) at his home on Long Island (his other home was in St. Croix)

Middle row; Shirley Neville, ---, Capt. Blair, Maureen, J.C Kelly Rodgers, Margaret Holle, ----, Noreen Gilles.

Front row - Ron Gilles, Jim Flanagan and Noel Holle.

Included in photo are Stan and Anne Washburn ( Stan was with Pan Am)

Dennis Carey and his wife (Dennis is brother of Hugh Carey, Governor of N.Y).

Will continue to try to match names.

Podcast - ABC Local / Sunday Takeaway -          May 30, 2014

Meet former Ansett  flying boat fight attendant, Margaret Holle, who experienced the glamour  and the downright acrobatics of the early days    of island hopping.

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Pago Pago
Noel Holle
Noel Holle
Honolulu, Hawaii

The Foynes Flying Boat Museum Director Margaret O Shaughnessy is with Margaret Holle & Matthew Holle in Foynes, Ireland on October 19, 2018. A model of Charlie Blair's      P-51 hangs above.

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