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President-Tretheway Silver-Colbalt Mine Ltd.
JPB Boarding Plane Page 60.jpg
photos posted with permission
#24 JPB Grumman CF-BKE.jpg
S/N  1061

Manufactured in December 1939   G21A

J.P. Bickell - Toronto CF-BQE 1940/41

Royal Canadian Air Force 1941-1945

Exported to the U.S. (U.S. Navy Surplus - BuAer 0217B)

Alaska Coastal Airlines 1945-1962  N48550

Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines 1962-1967

Alaska Airlines 1967-1972

Antilles Air Boats 1972-1981 (stored in STX until 1984)

Larry Teufel / Teufel Holly Farms, Inc.- Portland, OR   1988-2009

N48550 > N21LT > N48550

Strange Bird Inc. - Palm Beach, FL  (Jimmy Buffett ) 2009-2014

FAA Records - N48550
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.
photo credit Tony Pearce

This photo was previously posted to N48550 page with photo credit unknown. I recently purchased the original slide from a seller from England on eBay.  I rescanned at a higher resolution and reposted. It happens that the photo was taken the same month and year I arrived at AAB. I am glad that I was able to add it my collection. 

550 SLIDE2.jpg
photo by Don "Bucky" Dawson
00002 - Copy.jpg
JB Article_Page_1.jpg
photo by Rodger L. Meadows
Zer_ Goose-20170818-17192559.jpg
2020-07-15_083536 2.jpg
N48550 MODEL.png
78-9-5-974 adj2 Alaska Coastal Airlines at Red Bay.jpg
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