Grumman Goose G-21A

S/N  1053
S/N  1061
S/N  1149 
S/N  1141
S/N  1150
S/N  1152
S/N  1161
S/N  1162
S/N  1165
S/N  1172
S/N 1187
S/N  1191
S/N  B-19
S/N  B-29
S/N  B-46
S/N  B-53
S/N  B-60
S/N  B-63
photo by Paul Wikander
taken from another Goose
S/N  B-88
S/N  B-100
S/N  B-111
S/N  B-131
S/N  B-141

AAB closes in 1981 and moves aircraft to Alexander Hamilton Airport - St. Croix for future disposition


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41 cranks

to raise and lower landing gear (beaching gear)

Cyril E. King Memorial Services

January 9, 1978

To show their respect for Governor Cyril E. King, Antilles Air Boats dispatched 4 Gooses flown by its retired Air Force pilots that still remembered how to fly a tight formation. The formation flew along the coast, over Christiansted and final path over Kings Hill Cemetery.

"In a moving tribute, four Anitlles Air Boats thundered overhead in a cross formation"

N323 / N8229 / N74676 / N74588

Photos by Charlie Freehling
sp asllc.jpg
Antilles Seaplanes, LLC
"Super Goose" Amphibious Aircraft Productions 

A great idea but unfortunately it didn't get the funding to keep the Goose aloft. See more below.

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