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photo credit Rohivie / Demzizies Collection
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S/N  B-60

Manufactured in 1944   JRF   Bu37807       Mk.II

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) as 388 BOC 5/3/44:SOC    N4762C

Alaska Coastal Ellis Airlines - Juneau, AK   1962-1964

Alaska Coastal Airlines - Juneau, AK   1964-1968

Alaska Airlines - Seattle, WA  1968-1969

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V. 1969-1981

  AAB ceased operations in 1981 - stored at A. Hamilton Airport - St. Croix

  stuck off USCR  10/15/81

FAA Records - N4762C
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.
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Ant Air Crash 7-13-72 sjs.jpg

The above San Juan Star cover page came from Tom Rose, who was a passenger on this flight back in July 12, 972. Read more about Tom's story.

images approved for posting by the Ketchikan Museum Tongrass Historical Society 

N4762C was dispatched to assist with the search for ALM flight 980.

"I found this book very interesting. I was stationed at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station San Juan and crewed in the HU16E eight months before this accident. I flew with some of those documented on the pages and went to aviation school with Marine Corporal John Barber, crew chief CH46. " 

Tom Anusewicz

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