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S/N  B-100

Current research  doesn't specifically  show N88U  at AAB but the photo from VI Daily News dated January  22,1964 has the Goose in STT harbor.  The aircraft was being operated by Windjammer Air Taxi in Miami  from Nov. 1962 to  Oct. 1964 before the lender, Mercantile National Bank of Dallas took over ownership and transferred title to Dean Franklin of Miami. It would seem that Charlie Blair used N88U for a brief amount of time during his initial start up while he acquired additional aircraft. 

FAA Records - N88U
FAA Form 337 - further documentation / misc.
Ownership / Transfers / Registrations / misc.

Note: June 7, 2021 - The new FAA records did not reveal any new information regarding N88U's limited time at AAB. The records could indicate that Windjammer Air Taxi, operating in south Florida continued its payments on the loan held by Mercantile National Bank without positive revenue. AAB utilizing the aircraft at the beginning of 1964 could have been a good deal for all parties. A FAA Form 337 dated January 3, 1964 indicates Windjammer removed and replaced the radios as well as changed the seating configuration just 19 days before the VI Daily News photo above. Still have not found any agreement document between parties.

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The Goose always makes for a good story...

Air Classics Magazine - January 2020 Issue features N88U

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