S/N  B-63

Manufactured in 1944    JRF-5      Bu37810

U.S. Navy

Alaska Coastal Ellis Airlines - Juneau, AK  1962-1966

Alaska Coastal Airlines - Juneau, AK 1966-1968  

Alaska Airlines - Seattle, WA  1968-1969

      converted to Turbo Goose  than back to standard P&W 985's

Antilles Air Boats - U.S.V.I  1969-1981

      AAB ceased operations in 1981 - relocated aircraft to A. Hamilton Airport, St. Croix

Malcom A. Soare - Sidney, MT    May 1985

Bristol Uriel - Miami, FL  Sept. 1985

Consolidated Aviation Enterprises, Middlebury, VT  1985

   struck off USCR "sold to Sweden"

Aces High Ltd. - Duxford, UK  reg. res G-BMGS  1985Swedish

Swedish Air Force Museum (flygvapenmuseum)  1986 - present


photo credit Steve Krauss
Capt. Charles F. Blair

N79901 is being restored to match Sweden;s Tp81 Goose.

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